Puerto Vallarta Spring Break 2020 Ultimate Party Guide

Spring breakers descend on Puerto Vallarta every year to experience the hottest clubs, biggest DJs, and most spectacular beaches in Mexico. Don’t fall into the tourist traps and get left out of the spicy Latin action—let the local party experts at PV Nightlife show you how to do spring break in Puerto Vallarta right.

There is no spring break experience in the WORLD like spring break in Puerto Vallarta. But in 2020, things are about to get crazier than ever.

To celebrate a new decade, the parties are going to be bigger, wetter, wilder, and are going non-stop. But if you get stuck in with a scam package deal or in a tourist trap with the middle-aged vacationers, you’ll spend your nights sipping watered-down drinks in a kiddie pool.

That’s right. PV is the BEST place to party for spring break 2020—but only if you know what you’re doing.

That’s where we come in. Only real Puerto Vallarta locals know where all the best parties are going down. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly where to go for:

  • Wet and wild beach action
  • pre-game dives
  • insane clubs
  • late-night eats
  • and way more

We’ll also let you in on how your squad can land a luxury villa for cheaper than those crowded resorts AND how you can get to wherever you want to go without a taxi or DD.

Spring break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta is about to be the biggest party of the decade. Are you ready?

Spring Break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta: Where to Party

We know why you’re here, so let’s get straight to the good stuff: here are the best spots to kill it all night long in Puerto Vallarta this spring break. For beach parties, boat parties, and day drinking, skip to the next section.


A few cocktails, a little music, and plenty of flirting—these bars are full of hot locals and travelers looking for someone to make their night unforgettable.

Bar Morelos

Hours: 8 PM – 5 AM

Music: Live Music downstairs/ Latin Dance, EDM, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton upstairs

Bar Morelos is one of the hottest spots on The Malecon for spring break. This trendy, low-light lounge and club has an electric atmosphere thanks to its location—nestled between the beach and the hoppin’ Zona Romantica.

Bar Morelos has something for everyone. The first floor is a trendy lounge for excellent cocktails, live music, snacks, and flirting. And when the time comes, the second floor is one of PV’s most frequented dance clubs. Just grab someone by the hand and head to the dancefloor—no taxi needed.

Bar La Playa

Hours: 3 PM – 12 AM

Bar La Playa is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most famous spots to start the night. Home to incredible cocktails made from local ingredients, delicious tapas, and insane shooters, the local staff and chill vibes here will make you feel like you’re at a house party.

Bar La Playa is located in the Zona Romantica just a skip away from the beach, so you can dress up and show up for pre-game or come by in your flip-flops for margaritas and icy beers.

The Blind Tiger

Hours: 6 PM – 1 AM

For an extra dash of class and a splash of some of the best spirits in the city, take a seat at The Blind Tiger, PV’s highest-rated cocktail spot. Many customers claim this place makes some of the world’s best cocktails, and we’d have to agree. For a date night, a whiskey with the boys, or a cosmo with the girls, there’s no better place to sip in style.

Los Muertos Brewing

Hours: 11 AM – 12 AM

Los Muertos Brewing is a super-central, rowdy pub and eatery for when you’ve had enough sugary margs and piña coladas. PV’s first craft brewery, this watering hole taps a thirst-quenching lager and wheat beer to beat the heat, as well as homemade IPAs, stouts, and a spicy chili ale.

Homemade beers, pizzas, comfort food, and Mexican classics make this bar a must-visit—plus its open courtyard is an easy transition from the spring break beach vibes. It’s also a great spot to watch sports that won’t take you too far from the sand.


Whether you’re strolling in from the beach or dressed to the nines, there’s a nightclub for you in Puerto Vallarta. These are the places where it’s all going down from dusk till dawn this spring break.


Hours: 10:30 PM – 6 AM (Open Thurs-Sat)

Music: Reggaeton, Top 40, Tribal House

Strana is not a club—it’s a religious experience. This cathedral-themed hall of sound and light is one of the most exclusive nightlife experiences in Puerto Vallarta. This is the spot to dress your best and get ready to mingle with local and international fashionistas. You might not find a lot of spring breakers here, but if you’re looking for an elite-level party, Strana will not disappoint.

La Vaquita

Hours: 7 PM – 6 AM

Music: EDM, Latin, Top 40

Pretty much the opposite of Strana, La Vaquita is a psychedelic-barnyard-themed club featuring dancers wearing rubber horse heads and huge cocktails served out of styrofoam cups. This beach-side club is all-inclusive, so you can strut in wearing tanks, bikinis, and flip flops—and they’re always pushing the boundaries of wet and wild. Expect wet t-shirts plenty, insane pyrotechnics, body paint, trippy visuals—and of course, the famed Vaquita adult swings suspended over the bar!

La Santa

Hours: 11 PM – 6 AM (Open Thurs-Sat)

Music: Latin, Hip-Hop, Top 40

Don’t take that bathing suit off just yet—La Santa is the only club in PV with an on-site pool, and things are known to get pretty risqué pool-side once the drinks start flowing. La Santa is the club to let your wild side roam without sacrificing your sense of style. Dress your best here, but be ready for psychedelic tapestries and make-up clad creatures (pouring bottles directly into dancers’ mouths) to turn your night into an adventure down the rabbit hole.


Hours: 10 PM – 6 AM

Music: EDM, Latin, House, Hip Hop

Mandala’s beachfront real estate and Southeast Asian décor keep the spring break energy pumping all night long. Speaking of flowing, the drink list here is one of PV’s most extensive, so you’re sure to find something tasty and affordable for everyone in your squad.

Hundreds of glowing lanterns and neon lights transform Mandala into an interdimensional dancehall every night. Don’t forget to take a break and head to the Sky Bar for unbeatable views of Banderas Bay.

After Hours

Real spring breakers know that the last call is just the beginning. Head to these late-night havens to keep the party going till the break of dawn and beyond.

Roxy Rock House

Hours: 10 PM – Late

Music: Live Music/Rock

Every town has a rock bar, and ours is one of the best. Roxy Rock House doesn’t follow the rules, so when the other places are closing their doors, it keeps going till the sun comes up. Enjoy live rock music and your favorite hits from yesterday and today until 6:00 AM or later.

Zoo Bar

Hours: 11 AM – Late

Music: Different party every night

Are you ready to party like an animal? Zoo Bar is open all day for drinks and food and all night for wild parties. Expect dancers dressed in gorilla suits, peeking giraffe statues jutting their necks over the dancefloor, glow parties, foam parties, and lots of shenanigans on stage until 6:00 AM or later.

Rico Mac Taco

Hours: 24/7

Rico Mac Taco stands defiantly overall closed doors and buzzkills. This Taco joint and bar is open 24 hours a day for drinks, debauchery, and of course, the most smashable tacos served up drunk-food style on paper plates. This place may not match the atmosphere of the club or bar, but it’s where everyone heads to keep the party going.

Where to Party: Sunscreen Edition (AKA Your Day Game)

The party hits the beaches every spring break in PV. 2020 will be bigger than ever, with DJs, pop-up beach bars, volleyball competitions, and watersports as far as the eye can see. Grab a piña colada and dive into the fun in the sun at these waterfront hotspots.

The Malecon

The Malecon is Puerto Vallarta’s version of a Boardwalk. This seaside stroll is full of cafés, bars, shops, and street food pit stops by day, and at night it’s where you can find some of the hottest clubs. It’s right between some of PV’s most iconic beaches, Playa Los Muertos, Playa Olas Altas, and Playa Rosita, so it makes for a convenient spot to get out of the sun and grab a bite and a cold drink (or to pre-game in the evening).

Los Muertos Beach

Playa Los Muertos is where all the spring break action goes down. Expect DJs, watersports, strip volleyball, tons of bars and drink kiosks, and plenty of surprises. Don’t get stuck in the Resort area in the north of the city—that’s not the real PV spring break! Hit the Malecon and Zona Romantica to find this beach and its sister, Rosita Beach, for the real action.

Las Gemelas Beach

This beach isn’t party central, but we had to put it on the list because it’s a local favorite. Las Gemelas Beach is a bit more secluded than the other beaches, and it has some of the most beautiful emerald and turquoise waters you’ll ever see. For a hungover escape from the party or a chill place to take someone special, keep this beach in your back pocket (and don’t tell the other spring breakers about it!).

Hire a Yacht

Ever dream of renting your own private yacht? Ready for your IG to explode? It’s affordable and totally doable in Puerto Vallarta. Your yacht includes a captain and comes stocked with whatever you want—food, champagne, cigars—you name it. Spend your time on the sea fishing, diving, drinking, sunbathing or all of the above. Your spring break is about to be the envy of everyone freezing back home.

You’ll need a local to hire a yacht for your squad at a fair price, so get in touch with PV Nightlife today—we can make it happen.

Explore the City

You’ve got to show your parents some pics of the “cultural vacation” you’re taking in Mexico, right? Here are the coolest sightseeing spots and most epic viewpoints to hit that won’t take you too far from all the spring break action.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Hours: Open Daily

Entrance: Free

Take some time to ask for forgiveness for all the spring break depravity you’re getting into at this beautiful church built over 100 years ago. The large bell tower dominates its seaside location just off the Malecon, and it’s topped with an intricate crown which makes this church unique. Thousands come to admire its architecture every year. The bars and beaches are close by, so why not stop in?

Colonia Emiliano Zapata Municipal Market

Hours: 7 AM – 3 PM

Entrance: Free

Exotic flavors and haggling locals come together in this bustling central market. Grab some raw fruits and veg to add a little wellness to your spring break binge, or just enjoy the sights and sounds of the Mexican culinary scene.

Not in the mood to cook? Just grab some goodness from one of the stalls selling cooked food and snacks, or enjoy a cup of fresh fruit or a pressed juice to get your energy levels ready for another day of fun in the sun.

Mirador de La Cruz

Hours: 24/7

Entrance: Free

Mirador de La Cruz is the best place to get a full panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. Located right off the Malecon, this spot is easy to get to from the beach but prepare for a climb. You’ll have to take the stairs to get to the top, but we guarantee it’s worth the effort.

Once you’re at the top, you can relax for a bit on one of many benches and take in the amazing view.

LOCAL SECRET: Cruise up to the Cruz with a few drinks and a special someone as sunset to turn the romance up to 11.

Eat Hearty, Then Party

Mexico’s food culture is protected by UNESCO, an institution that usually only covers landmarks—that’s how good this stuff is. But we don’t need to tell you about how delicious a late-night taco smash can be, so we’ll just tell you where to smash it best.


La Palapa

Hours: 8:30 AM – 11:30 PM

La Palapa is a little bit fancy and a little chill—just the kind of place you want to kick off spring break in Puerto Vallarta. The restaurant is located on the water in beachside huts, and the menu is, as you may have guessed, seafood-heavy. This is your chance to taste some freshly caught seafood prepared by real chefs before gorging yourself on drunken street tacos for the rest of spring break! Make sure to try the baby scallops and octopus—so tender!

Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

Hours: 11 AM – 11 PM

If La Palapa is a little too classy (or pricy) for your tastes, bring the crew to Joe Jack’s for excellent seafood you can eat with your hands. Fish tacos, Fried golden fish and chips, and mojitos are their specialties. Show up in your beachwear and keep the party vibes going strong while munching fresh seafood!

El Arrayan

Hours: 5:30 PM – 11 PM (Closed Tuesday)

Seafood, not your thing? Head a few blocks from the beach to El Arrayan for a full menu of Mexican dishes from all over the country. This place is traditional yet laid back, so you can stop in any time and enjoy anything from a taco to a full spread of south-of-the-border deliciousness. We recommend the goat birria—a hearty stew with a spicy kick!

Street Food

Mariscos el Guero

Hours: 12 PM – 8 PM

This place isn’t open late, but it’s worth a stop for lunch or a snack. Mariscos el Geuro specializes in a typical dish called ceviche, which is like a salad prepared with raw fish, cilantro, onion, and citrus juice. It’s a fresh and delicious way to taste the Pacific flavors at a great price.

If you’re not a fan of raw fish, they also serve some of the best fish tacos and they make their own blend of hot sauce in house, which is pretty incredible even by local standards.

Mariscos La Tia

Hours: 10 AM – 10:30 PM

Open a little later for the pre-game crowd, Mariscos La Tia is the home of PV’s best marlin tacos. The smoked marlin is meaty and very satisfying. It comes served in a flour tortilla with lettuce and special sauce—simply unbelievable.

Mariscos La Tia also serves a hearty seafood stew and supremely stacked tostadas. Save room—you’re gonna need it.

Tacos Memo

Hours: 4 PM – 2 AM

A late-night staple, Tacos Memo has been slinging mouth-watering tacos for over 30 years. There’s a reason this place has lasted so long—it’s just that good. Memo is known for its signature volcano taco, known as vulcanes. It’s spicy, crispy, and covered in a gooey cheese sauce that flows like magma. Need we say more?

El Carboncito

Hours: 7 AM – 3:30 AM

Welcome to the true after-hours smash. El Carboncito is the place to grab a huge taco el pastor—a soft tortilla stuffed with seasoned pork, cool pineapple, and zesty chili sauce. This is what your body wants—nay, what your body NEEDS—after (or during) a night out in Puerto Vallarta.

LOCAL SECRET: For tacos, beers, and good times around the clock, head to Rico Mac Taco, a taco joint open 24 hours a day!

The Real Pre-Game: How to Plan Spring Break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta

You don’t have time to plan an entire spring break vacation by yourself, but you also don’t want to take a lame package deal that will tie your hands when it comes to partying and exploring the real Puerto Vallarta. We’ve broken down the planning into a few easy steps so you can have an epic spring break on your own terms.

Where to Stay

PV is full of resorts, hotels, guest houses, and hostels that try to rope in spring breakers every season. Some are good, and some are not so great, so understanding your options is key.


If you stay in a resort, you can count on a comfortable room and some nice amenities like a gym, a pool, restaurants, bars, and more. But, resorts are often packed to the brim, and the resort district is pretty far from the spring break action in the city.

Resorts want you to spend all your time (and money) in their facilities and not in town. If you’re looking for a place to lay by the pool and crash with little to no effort, a resort is for you. But if you want to experience the real beach parties and nightlife of spring break in Puerto Vallarta, you might want to choose a different option.


Staying at a hotel will give you the opportunity to be closer to the spring break action, but you won’t get the extra amenities and you might not be as close to the water as you’d like. If you’re doing spring break as a couple or a small group, a hotel might be the best way to stretch your cash and crash in comfort.

Private Villas

If you’re coming to PV with a group of 4 or more, your best option might be to book a private villa. And we’re not talking about an Airbnb. We’re talking private beachfront property, swimming pools, panoramic balcony views, private chefs, and enough swag to get you in the tabloids.

How is this doable? Prices in PV are pretty low. In fact, that’s how the package deals get you—they charge per person. If you pool your money together and book a villa, you can land a luxurious pad for a lot less than you think. Plus, we can hook you up with anything you want during your stay. We can stock the place with champagne, arrange a private chauffeur, have a chef come to cook dinner, book live music—if you can dream it, we can deliver.

For more info on booking the villa of your dreams, contact PV Nightlife now.

LOCAL SECRET: Beware of bachelor party packages deals from popular resorts. They may seem like a steal, but remember they’re charging per person (not per room, like a normal booking), and their goal is to pack tourists in like sardines. Package vacations in Puerto Vallarta DO NOT give you an authentic spring break experience.


Getting from point A to B in PV can be tough during spring break because everyone is trying to nab taxis at the same time. If you’re staying near The Malecon or Zona Romantica, you probably won’t need to take taxis often, because most of the action is in the area. But if you’re staying at a resort or trying to get to one of the more exclusive clubs in town, you’ll have trouble hailing a cab. You can always get an Uber, but expect spring break prices to be pretty steep.

Instead, consider making your reservations with PV Nightlife. We have the best tables in town at all the popular clubs and restaurants, and a night out with us comes with transportation included.

Finding taxis and Ubers for dinner, the bars, late-night tacos, the club, and home will add up to a lot of wasted time and money. Get your own personal driver and make sure your spring break party in Mandala night club.

Book, Book, Book

We really can’t say this enough—you MUST make reservations for the places you want to party, eat, and stay when you’re in Puerto Vallarta for spring break. Spring breakers come here at the same time, and they’re all trying to be a part of the action. To avoid lines, denials, or getting shuffled into some lame tourist trap, you’ve got to book your spot in advance.

If you’re not super confident with Spanish or don’t know exactly where you want to go, we recommend getting in touch with a party liaison from PV Nightlife. We’ll help you plan your entire trip based on what YOU want to do—not what some package dictates you have to do. Then, we’ll book everything for you. We’ll even pull our local strings to make sure you don’t have to wait in any lines at the bars and clubs you’ve booked with us. And did we mention transportation is included?

Staying Safe

Puerto Vallarta is a very safe city for tourists, which is one reason why it’s so popular with spring breakers looking to let loose. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise the same caution you would anywhere else.

To stay safe in PV, remember:

  • Stay with your group: The buddy system rings true no matter how old you are. Stay with your group, especially at night and when drinking.
  • Don’t flaunt your gear: There’s very little violent crime in PV, but pickpockets will be scouting for phones, tablets, cameras, and wallets. Keep your gear and cash concealed to keep it safe.
  • Don’t go off the grid: The city of Puerto Vallarta is safe, but the outskirts can get sketchy. Don’t let anyone—no matter how sexy—take you home to somewhere outside the city center.
  • Beware of working girls: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Watch for working girls who may try to lure you into doing the act and then stick you with a big bill afterward.
  • Drink Responsibly: We know you’re here to get tipsy… well, maybe a bit more than tipsy. But remember that reigning it in a little can keep you safety and security your hungover ass from missing all the fun at the beach the next day!

Make the Most of Spring Break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta

Spring break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta clubs is practically here, but there’s still time to book your spot for the best bash of the decade. Don’t miss out on the beach parties, flowing cocktails, fish tacos, and world-class nightlife of Puerto Vallarta this spring!

For the best of spring break 2020, let PV nightlife organize everything for you. We’ll hook you up with your own party liaison who will work with you to find accommodation, dining, nightlife, as well as any private bookings you want for VIP experiences, yachts, hikes, spas, strip clubs, guided tours, and so much more. Get in touch today to chat with a PV Nightlife party liaison at no cost.