What is Pre-Kindy and Kindy in Australia?

Pre-Kindy Room

Children in our Pre-Kindy Room have started to grasp the concept of acceptable social interactions, understanding a little more about sharing and controlling their reactions for increasing periods of time. These children are becoming more confident in their ability to step out independently and are often more willing to take on challenges and explore new concepts.

This is an exciting age for children and a vital stage in their continued development. Adults caring for the Pre-Kindy stage child require an enormous amount of energy, patience and a deep understanding of the emotional, physical and cognitive development of this group.

Our Pre-Kindy Room is the perfect environment for your child to explore, develop and grow. Under the caring expertise of Team Leader and Teacher, our team will safely guide and support your Pre-Kindy stage child to experience success, build confidence and develop life-long skills in inquiry and social competence.

Based upon the understanding that Pre-Kindy stage children have a stronger grasp of language and are beginning to elaborate on their stories and experiences, our team builds a targeted development program around the individual interests of your child.

Children progress into and out of our Pre-Kindy Room based upon their skills and abilities. This room enables those children requiring special attention or remediation to progress at a pace suited to their needs and also provides an opportunity for extension for those younger children demonstrating the skills and capacity to progress at a faster rate than their age-peers.

From the first visit, your Pre-Kindy child will experience opportunities with specialized resources to assist them to learn and grow in partnership with our early childcare professionals, their family and friends within the room.

Kindy Room

At Morningside Child Care Centre, we recognise that children in this developmental stage are rapidly changing from dependent children into remarkable individuals capable of understanding and communicating their own needs, developing empathy for others and broadening their grasp on a wider base of learning.

Morningside Child Care Centre

As professional early year’s educators, we understand that children in this group are developing an enormous appetite for information, seeking experiences and challenges to test their knowledge and abilities.

Under the enthusiastic guidance of Team Leader, children in our Kindy Room are provided with diverse opportunities to explore their world through a range of media and resources. Our team will assist them through regular daily routines and special excursions to experience success develop a life-long love of learning and build their physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

We provide a safe and supportive step into “big school” for the children in our care offering a full Kindergarten program that complements their formal learning in our local Primary Schools.

Working in close partnership with you, your child and your chosen school, we create a seamless transition into formal schooling allowing your child to progress with confidence into their next developmental adventure.