Xorix – Premiere Offshore Outsourcing Company

outsourcing company

Welcome to Xorix, your online provider for the ultimate in virtual and software outsourcing company. From SME clients, E-commerce businesses and offices worldwide…we are an extension of your business, the one that thinks outside the box!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; your business continually needs to be functioning. We provide you with professional support for your business whether it is done remotely through e-mail, fax, or telephone.  Basically whatever virtual form administrative outsource works best for you, we will provide cost-effective solutions to fit your needs!

outsourcing company

If your costs are high but you need that extra help, we can cut your costs nearly in half.

IF we don’t have what you are looking for, we will do the research and provide you what you need.

All you need to remember is xorix is an extension of your business.

Contingent on what you are looking for, xorix provides you with hourly, weekly and monthly packages.  Job roles can also just be project-specific, AGAIN, whatever your needs, we will work with you as we are an extension of your business.

Your company needs not only qualified but educated staff to stay on top and we have access to the best. xorix has that, as well as a substantial range of software outsourcing company.

Xorix believes to be successful with your clients it is still important to keep a blended support service.   “We can’t forget that even though we offer ‘virtual services‘ that constant communication with the client, whether in person, through a phone conversation, or a tablet, is vitally important.