What Will Be Your Most Effective Marketing And Promotional Strategies?


Fitness club and gym owners who care about their clients and want to best serve their needs can use data to make marketing decisions that bring new clients and improve services offered to existing clients. Data-driven marketing decisions are for Marketing For Fitness Businesses who believe in getting results through accountability and hands-on support.

Analyze Member Demographics


You can’t communicate with your audience effectively until you understand their identities, needs and wants. The simplest way to analyze member demographics is through a short survey that collects essential information about the clients. The survey can include questions about the members’ fitness goals, the services and training they view as essential and the obstacles they face in getting to the next level. The next step is to use the demographic data gathered from the members to respond to their expressed desires.

Implement Google Analytics


You can use Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic and glean more information about the visitors to your site. Google Analytics can tell you the time that each user spent on a page as well as the pages they visited. In this way, you can separate the casual visitor from the potential client and create a statistical analysis of the most popular pages visited on the site to narrow down the most popular training and fitness services that clients and visitors are interested in.

Visualize The Story

If you need to extract and analyze data from more complex systems, some basic literacy in SQL and Python will go a long way. Python and SQL are quantitative modeling tools that can help you with data mining. This means that you will be able to create data categories and formulas, retrieve it, store it in a database and update it as the data changes. Having a big picture of the data can give you a more complete visualization of your consumer base.