Tips On Choosing Baby Organic Clothes

Babies deserve the best of care. They are dependent on us for their needs, their experiences of the world, and for feeling safe. One of the ways in which you can make them feel comfortable is by dressing them in baby organic clothes. A 2010 study involving US babies found that more than eight out of ten babies make their online debut before they are two years old. When you put baby pictures online, dress them in organic clothes to make them stand out.

baby organic clothes
baby organic clothes

Compared to garments made from conventional material, clothes made from organic material reduce the chemicals a baby is exposed to. Babies grow fast and they are also more vulnerable to environmental toxins than adults. Their smaller size when compared to adults means that they absorb more pesticides for each pound of their body weight. Toxins stay in their system for a longer time and can have a more severe impact than they have on adults.

Garments for your child can be made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is obtained from plants which are not genetically altered. Fertilizers and pesticides are not used when these plants are grown. Check whether this cotton is certified as 100% organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. This certification implies that it meets strict federal requirements about how the cotton was grown.

You can buy an organic bib, beanie hat, and infant bodysuit set. This can also make a great gift to give at a baby shower. You can choose an infant bodysuit in pink or blue, depending on whether you are looking for a gift for a boy or a girl. Other accessories you can consider include an organic diaper bag. You can also choose a blanket for your baby which is made from organic cotton so that he or she sleeps peacefully, and lets you rest too!

Wash baby organic clothes separately, so that they do not come in contact with viruses that may be present on the clothes of their parents. Use an eco friendly detergent and fabric softener.