The Importance of a Reporting Software for a Fire Inspection Company

Features of Fire Inspection Reporting Software

Running a fire inspection company is difficult. With a pen and paper or excel-sheet based process, inspecting many buildings, monitoring fire regulations and standards, reporting software, and recording visual data of inspections is complex and time-consuming.

Fire inspection companies might benefit from cloud software that allows them to collect data in one location. Assistance in managing all information in one place can help reduce the hassle of running these businesses.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Fire Inspection Reporting Software


Configurable software enables fire inspection company to tailor their services to their specific needs. It does away with standardised usability and lets businesses utilise the software in accordance with their brand values and objectives.

Access to the field

Professional fire inspectors do not have to go back and forth to conduct inspections. Users can produce service offers, conduct inspections, and more in the field thanks to easy access to reports, forms, complete checklists, and other information. The offline mode is the icing on the cake, allowing users to operate without relying on an internet connection.

Customer Service

When it comes to the software, both in-office and field users may have many important questions to ask, especially when they first start using it. As a result, for fire-inspection specialists, having continual customer assistance and corporate responsibility is a must-have.

Common Features of Fire Inspection Reporting Software

Importance of a Reporting Software for a Fire Inspection Company

Proposals for on-the-ground servicing using iPads

Time is saved by generating service proposals on the spot and gathering signatures of acceptance. On-the-ground professionals may quickly share their findings with back-office personnel via a fire inspection app.

Notes about the image

Users may add verification to the textual material and arrange everything in one location by sharing photo notes. Users can expedite the inspection process by sending remarks and photos of defects to the company.

Access through a mobile device

Users may quickly communicate back and forth and access information, exchange defect pictures, add voice-command notes with the firelab make service ideas, and more via mobile access.

Pricing Details

The functionality generally determines pricing, the number of users, or a one-time cost. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly costs are among the online payment choices. The average monthly price for fire inspection software is $18. Depending on the software’s capabilities, these plans can cost up to $299 per month. A pricing range of $25 – $70 per month for medium-priced software that covers all of the required features and provides a good ROI for a fire inspection company is a solid bet.


You may have discovered that spreadsheets are too much for you to manage and are seeking software specifically designed for a fire inspection company. It allows your staff to access all data with only a few clicks, from any location, at any time.

In 2021, your team should not be forced to use cumbersome and obsolete on-site server-system software and should instead use advanced technology.