Protein Powder and Water: Why You’ll Want It

When Will I Want Protein Powder?

When might you want to drink water made with protein powders, ones chock full of high protein ingredients such as whey protein isolate? There are many reasons why an ordinary person might want more protein in their diet.

Many studies have shown that athletes can benefit from drinking protein powder and water after working out. Your body needs more protein after you exercise, because the protein will help it recover and build more muscle. Protein powders deliver fast digesting protein from whey protein isolate, so they’re a very efficient source of protein (perhaps more efficient than meat or eggs!)

But there are other reasons you might want to drink protein powder and water. They can be beneficial to your health, and they’re very convenient to make and drink.

Reasons You Might Want Protein Powder

If you’ve never worked out before, or if you’re starting a new fitness program, you’ll want more protein because your body isn’t accustomed to all the exercise. If working out is new to you and you’re trying to build muscle, you’ll need a lot of protein so you don’t become faint during workouts and so you can fuel your body in the right way.

When you’re trying to increase the number or difficulty of your workouts, you should increase your intake of protein, too. If you normally work out for half an hour a few times a week, but now you’ve decided to train every day, your body will need more protein.

protein powder and water
protein powder and water

You might want to increase protein intake when you’re growing. A teenager needs more protein to fuel his workouts. If you’re young and your body is still growing, your body generally requires more protein. This goes for young women, too. Also, if you’re trying to gain mass because you’re underweight or have been sick, protein powder can give your body a healthy boost. You won’t gain fat, you’ll just gain healthy muscle if you drink protein powder and water after your workouts.

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you may want to increase your daily protein intake. Pregnant women need to eat all the right foods to help their baby grow, and it’s easy to eat junk food. Protein powder is healthy, low in carbs, and can help the baby’s development, according to some studies.

Vegans and vegetarians use protein powder and water to stay healthy. People who pursue a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle eliminate a number of common protein sources from their diet, including meat, chicken, and fish, and sometimes dairy and eggs as well. Protein powder shakes containing whey protein isolate help vegans and vegetarians maintain muscle health.

Finally, if you’re recovering from an injury, your body will benefit from the additional protein in protein powder. Athletes with sports injuries frequently need more protein to help them heal.

Great for Workouts and Much, Much More

protein powder and water is great for helping athletes build muscles. But as this article shows, it’s also useful for many other reasons! Adding a protein shake to your daily diet might help you stay fit and strong.