Protein in Eggs

If you have ever been to a gym or you ever had any trainer assigned to train you for some sort of exercise you might have noticed he must be always recommending eggs in your diet. Is it so because it is the best tasting protein water or maybe it is cheapest source of protein? No, the major reason is he or she knows the importance of protein in eggs and eggs are the source of highest protein. Mostly the body builder’s main aim is to have some big strong looking muscles and the bulk protein available in eggs can really help their muscles to grow stronger. Egg whites can contain up to nine grams of protein and that’s why it is always a part of muscle gain diet.

protein water
protein water

Long ago when people had no access to the manufactured protein powders and used natural protein supplements which can build them strong, at that time even people used to eat foods with high protein like eggs. Even nowadays in protein waters there are different type of protein used and protein in eggs is highly valued as it considered to be one of the most amazing ingredient for them. While we are witnessing how much different sort of products are bombarded towards the athletes and body builders but yet there is no substitute of protein available in form of eggs. Still it is the cheapest protein available for the health workers who love to eat nutritious food.

The reason why eggs are considered to be the best ingredients in protein waters is because of the muscle gaining properties of protein in eggs. In the past the chickens were fed with a diet which tends to increase the cholesterol level in eggs but after several years of research and the new feeds made for the chicken made the cholesterol level very low. Now the average cholesterol level in chicken’s egg is 10-13% less than that of a decade ago. Many nutritionists at that time were skeptical over the cholesterol being found in the yolk of the egg and that’s why they often don’t recommended them to the body builders but if you are consuming any sort of protein water you don’t have to panic because protein used in them is only extracted from the egg is from eggs white which is rich with protein. The thinking of all those who thought about the percentage of cholesterol in eggs are burnt to grounds by several researches done who proved that cholesterol is not the part of eggs white.

Nature was always a gift of God for the human race and it has always accommodated us with all our needs. If you are using a protein water with egg protein than you must have already known all the benefits related to protein in eggs but if you are not using any such water than it is recommended for you to use eggs white in your diet to get the maximum strength for your body. It is not an expensive way to get yourself in a perfect shape as you might be spending a lot of money in other branded food supplements.