Online Ticketing Systems

XL Center Box Office provides a powerful online ticketing solution for small to large events. Our goal is to put you in control from the start and give you complete control over all aspects of your event and box office. It’s also our goal to give you the most powerful system at the most affordable price. All clients use our system free of charge and we found our services by charging a very small fee (one of the lowest in the industry) attached as a service fee to each ticket sale. There are absolutely no hidden fees*.

Easy Setup:

Our ticketing system has been built from the ground up to put you in control and that starts with the signup process. When you’re ready to get started, simply signup on our site and you’ll be directed to setup your venue and your first event. You could be up and selling tickets within a matter of hours on your website. We have a money back guarantee as well. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days we’ll refund all service fees applied to your account.

online xl center box office tickets
online xl center box office tickets

Easy Customization:

Through the use of our easy to use online venue builder, we’ll give you control to setup and design your venue and seating layout. It works for reserved seating, general admission or a hybrid event layout. Our goal is to provide you with complete flexibility regardless if you’re selling general admission tickets to a backyard barbecue or you’re building out a stadium-sized show with complex reserved seating. The venue builder will allow you to have control over pricing, discounts, seating type, and obstructions, and it’s all linked nicely to your custom seating chart that you design and upload. Of course we’re available to help if you require some design wizardry.

Easy Management:

The online XL center box office tickets system we provide you with extensive control over your events. Setting up multiple events, auto-scheduling sale dates, managing seating discounts and reporting are all provided within a simple click of the mouse. You can sell tickets via your website or setup ticketing agents that have access to sell tickets through your box office or via locations around town.

You’re in Control of Your Money

At XL Center Box Office we want you to be in control of your own money. You simply provide your merchant account information through the interface and the system will process orders through your account. We do not have access to your account… and that’s the way we like it. If you are not currently setup with a merchant account we’ll help you on your way with instructions and recommendations. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible and you can even integrate services like and PayPal if you don’t want to get involved with a merchant account and the approval process. We’re always available for consultation and advice if you need it.

Flexible Delivery Options:

Online ticketing provides an easy way for you to sell tickets without the staff that is normally required to fulfill thousands of orders. Our goal is to help you cut costs and streamline your operations. When selling tickets via your website we provide many options including: print-at-home tickets, will call, ticketing fulfillment and mailing by XL Center Tickets, or you can print your own tickets and mail them yourself. You have complete control to define your own shipping and handling fees on each ticket order. There is an easy way to recover any costs involved with ticket fulfillment by your employees if you decide to do it all yourself. We’re here to handle it all for you if needed.