Mistakes To Stay Away While Selecting eCommerce Web Design Service

There are tons of places to go online, and that makes it a little tricky to stand out from the crown. One thing that can be beneficial if you wish to accomplish this is to look at the various mistakes that can be made so you can avoid them. Below you are going to learn about these mistakes.

URLs that have too many words in them that are hard to remember aren’t recommended. People need a site name that they can remember and return to at a later time. Numbers need to be avoided as much as possible as well. Keep the site name short and sweet, and you’ll find that more and more visitors will come by. Word of mouth is how a lot of sites get spread to everyone so make sure it’s easy to pronounce too.

Scrolling text is not recommended, nor is blinking text. Animations need to be watched out for too. When too much starts going on within a website, it’s very irritating to the user because they can’t pay attention to the content they really came for. A logo that is animated is fine, or maybe a brief animation when the site loads, but really animations should be kept for videos people want to watch.

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Make your site load in less than 15 seconds if at all possible. People get impatient after a few seconds so if your site is slow you may need to put less content on your homepage. If it still remains slow it may be time for a new hosting service that runs more smoothly. Videos and large amounts of images should be kept in separate sections of your site.

Sitemaps as well as good navigation need to be added. Sitemaps are directories of every single page your site contains, so make sure users have access to that. It also helps search engine crawling software to find and index all of your pages. Don’t make navigation too complicated so that people can find what they want quickly. Java or Flash menus shouldn’t be used unless you really need them because people may not feel like installing software to use your site.

Prior to spending a lot of money or time on e-commerce web design Toronto, you have to know what you can and cannot do for it to work out. The mistakes eCommerce web developer went over are a great place to start learning website design. By not doing these things, you will have more traffic and people that share your site worldwide!

Link colors should always be standard colors. One mistake you can make is to go off and forget that you made your links the same color as your text. Also, if the links are too hard to read before or after getting visited, they won’t be clicked. The everyday link colors are the easiest to use because people are used to seeing them everywhere. If you must make a link a special color, make sure you label around it with text that tells you it is a link.