Make a Casual Area Rug the Focal Point of Your Room

Casual area rug

Animal prints have become very popular decorating items in recent years, with African animals being especially well-represented. Animal prints and designs lend themselves perfectly to be the focal point of any room and the Casual area rug is certainly no exception.

A focal point is something that the eye goes to immediately on entering a room, and could be a picture window with a great view, a painting, a piece of furniture or artwork or a dramatic rug on the floor. This is where your Casual area rug fits into the decorating scheme. A room without a focal point can seem to be insipid, uninteresting or to missing something, regardless of what decorating style is used.

Casual area rug

When looking at redecorating a room, or changing the style of decor, it is a great idea to start with a bold or interesting item that will be the focal point in the room. Once you have the focal point, the rest of the decorating is much simpler because you have a base to work from. When your focal point is a floor rug, other decorating features will radiate out from it.

The colors in the Casual area rug will be the inspiration for the color scheme of the whole room. The walls would look great in a cream or pale beige to act as a neutral backdrop for the Casual area rug and other feature decorating items. If your room is fairly large, particularly if it is a rectangular shape, you could paint one wall at the end of the room in a feature color. This could be a jungle green to act as a feature that would make a great backdrop for some lovely artwork to coordinate with the African theme.

To follow the theme that the Casual area rug has set, use other animal prints for cushions, arranged with plain cushions in coordinating and contrasting colors. A throw rug over the back of a sofa and artwork of African animals and landscapes will complete this wonderful room.