How To Build A Shopify App: The Complete Guide

Shopify App

Want to know how development works? Whether you are planning to develop an all-new e-commerce platform and want to upgrade your existing one, you do believe that it is not an easy task, don’t you? But have you ever heard of Shopify development? Well, even if you haven’t, we are here to shed some light on Shopify app development. Shopify development services can help you upgrade your existing e-commerce platform and even renovate or upgrade your existing platform with ease.

Shopify development company is an e-commerce platform that can help you create, build or develop an intuitive, robust, sales-driven online portal for your online sales business. They work with a team of certified, and qualified experts catering e-commerce services to their clients. They usually provide basic facilities like Shopify ecommerce.

The process of Shopify Development

The process of Shopify development is different for every company. It all depends on the services the company plans to serve its customers. Some may try to take it to the next level by doing extra, while some may just be okay with the basics with just a few services. And when it comes to Shopify development, you as a developer shouldn’t worry about the time but rather you need to follow the following steps.

The six simple steps for Shopify Development are:

Proper planning: 

As a developer and a business person, it is important to first explore all the possible ideas and equally have well-planned questions for which you have in-depth answers. This will help in keeping your business goals clear. Proper planning is a road to a proper evaluation of your goal and proper planning is only achieved with thorough research.


Designing a template for your business website is the next step. And it all depends on the type of business and the product and service you want to sell. All this is done based on the research and planning you have done.

Production and Making: 

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Once you are ready with your design, you proceed with the production of the products that you plan to sell but only after making the required necessary changes in your prototype. Once you are done with it, you can proceed with production for your Shopify development.

Conduct Trials: 

A cross-browser examination is conducted by the specialists which includes updates, device compatibility, the Shopify application, file transfer, and all other functions related to website functioning.

Launch and get going: 

After all these steps, when your online shopping store is ready, it is ready to go live. Do keep a checklist to ensure nothing is missed out. Ensure that everything is as per the specifications given by the client.

Maintenance and support: 

It is not just about the development and launching of your Shopify ecommerce platform, you must keep a regular maintenance check. Provide your clients with 24×7 support to answer their queries and any fixes if required.


So if you are planning to go for Shopify app development, surely this article will prove to be of great help to you. You can now understand Shopify development in a much better way.