How the Flavored Protein Water Diet Works

water based protein drinks

Protein is an essential nutrient necessary for maintaining good health. In its basic form protein consists of amino acid chains. Of the 22 amino acids that are capable of creating protein, 8 of these can only be obtained through a protein water diet. Because these amino acids are utilized by the body a low protein water diet can affect a host of very important functions. The building of our skin, hair, nails and internals organs all depend on amino acids and are maintained trough a protein water diet.

Muscle tissue as well as new tissue growth need protein for their activities and can receive adequate levels with a protein water diet. Protein intake from a high protein water diet helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to our cells. The valuable protein water diet aids and maintains antibody production.

The protein sources available to us for inclusion in a high protein water diet include animal and plant based proteins. Animal proteins are found in meat, fish, cheese eggs and milk. Plant protein sources include soy, spirulina and organic whey protein water diet products. While it is certainly important that we include a balanced intake of protein in our diet, many people eat too much animal based protein.

This type of high protein water drinks could have adverse health effects, which appear as disease and obesity. Many individuals who follow an excessively high animal based protein water diet are overweight and often unhealthy. People on an animal based high protein water diet often have elevated bad cholesterol levels.

Heart disease, strokes and osteoporosis are often the result of an excessive animal based high protein water diet. It is therefore important that a well-balanced protein water diet is maintained. By replacing part or all of our animal protein water diet with plant proteins we can be assured that our body requirements are being met. A plant protein water diet can help us to avoid the health problems associated with an excessive animal protein water diet.

Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats when on a plant protein water diet can improve health tremendously. This plant protein water diet can also aid with weight control. A plant protein water diet does away with the saturated fat accumulation thus limiting unwanted weight gain. Regular exercise combined with a high protein water diet including plant proteins will be beneficial to individuals wanting a healthier lifestyle.

Plant proteins have many benefits of their own when included in the high protein water diet. These protein water diet improvements include the ability to raise good cholesterol levels while reducing bad cholesterol. This important protein water diet function aids in preventing the arterial plaque build up, which could cause artery hardening and blockages.

Protein from plant sources like soy and spirulina, when included in a protein water diet, are able to reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks and heart disease. A vegetable high protein water diet improves the ability to retain calcium in the body.

Because less calcium is excreted in the urine while on a plant protein water diet, problems such as kidney stones are lessened. Therefore it is important to consider exactly which type of high protein water diet you are currently following. Due to the high levels of saturated fats and additives found in red meat, a plant protein water diet is superior to an animal protein water diet and is the healthier alternative.