Healthcare Security Breaches Your Way To Success

healthcare security breaches

The NYC Health Care Security Act will help level the playing field so responsible businesses can continue to offer health insurance to their workers. It will keep more working New Yorkers insured by taking away the incentive companies have to cut health benefits. And it will expand health insurance to tens of thousands of workers who don’t have coverage today.

The pilot program for the Healthcare Security Breaches will cover the grocery industry, a sector where of employers already provide health care to their workers. The law would require businesses in this industry to make similar levels of health care expenditures for their employees.

We support this legislation because our members know that you need health insurance if you’re in the construction industry. This is tough, demanding work. Your body and your health are at risk all the time. That’s why we do our best to make sure workers have quality health care. But it’s tougher and tougher every year.

healthcare security breaches

More and more New Yorkers with health insurance are losing it. Most work for responsible companies who want to provide good health benefits but no longer can because they face competitors who offer no health coverage at all. This unfair competition hurts more than just the workers directly affected. It hurts all of us.

When Wal Mart enters a market, traditional businesses shrink or fade away entirely. By that I mean those businesses that provide their employees with more than just an hourly wage… businesses that Healthcare Privacy Monitoring provide health care and other benefits. Employee benefits and fair competition leave town when Wal Mart moves in.

The workers who bag your groceries, stock shelves and mop up after spills in aisle five often toil away with little or no health insurance, but that might change under legislation labor groups plan to push in several states.


These businesses puff up their profits by not offering benefits, said who drafted the bill. It acts as a protection for low-paid workers and is also a protection for taxpayers, because there is no reason why we as taxpayers through our public health programs should have to pay the insurance of companies.