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Benefits of Using Aluminium Balustrading

Aluminium Balustrades and aluminium privacy screens give a sophisticated and contemporary appeal to your house. If you’re renovating or building a new home choose materials that convey quality and durability. Use aluminium for balustrading and other home features to provide you with stylish surroundings and enhance your home’s street appeal.

Designing for the Brisbane climate and lifestyle

Stair Balustrades Brisbane

Brisbane is a warm climate city known for its distinctive architecture and love of modern design trends. The people of Brisbane enjoy a relaxed, warm climate lifestyle but are also prepared for the damaging thunderstorms that bring hailstones, torrential rain and battering winds that arrive in the summer months.

Aluminium is an ideal product for giving your home a stylish look and for withstanding everything the Brisbane climate can throw at it.

Aluminium balustrades are practical and beautiful

Balustrades are an important design feature in many homes. They need to provide safety and they need to look beautiful. Stair balustrades Brisbane are used principally to prevent people from falling off heights – stairs, balcony’s and porches, and rooftops. Are you concerned about the integrity of any of your existing stair balustrades Brisbane? Did you inherit an eyesore when you bought your new home? We can design and manufacture a solution for you that incorporates safety and beauty to create a compelling architectural feature.

Complete Design Fabrication has over a decade’s experience manufacturing and installing aluminium balustrades. We know the building regulations and we monitor emerging trends. All of our products and services meet Australian and Local Building Standards. We consider all these aspects so that we can deliver you the best advice and result for your project.

Aluminium privacy screens are easy to install and complement any space

Aluminium privacy screens are an ideal way to create stylish backdrops in your house and garden. Use them to hide bins, water tanks or utility service infrastructure, or use a privacy screen to create a feature of your BBQ, pool or other areas in your garden.
Aluminium privacy screens can be fitted to your balcony, patio, deck or spa to create private spaces in your house and garden.

Aluminium is safe and easy to care for

Aluminium retains its popularity as a building material for balustrades and privacy screens because it is a strong, light material that retains its shape and needs little maintenance. We use the latest innovations in manufacturing practices to produce high performing and beautiful looking aluminium.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant which makes it a safer option than most other materials. Timber needs regular maintenance and can rot, shrink and warp, wrought iron can rust and corrode. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing family and visitors to your house are safe.

Cleaning aluminium is simple – wipe down with a wet sponge or use a mild household detergent to remove dust and other deposits.

Your time is precious – avoid materials that will see you spending future weekends carrying out maintenance and repair duties.

A beautiful house and garden with versatile aluminium

Aluminium is strong and durable while also providing visual beauty and freedom of design. Our team will work with you to create a balustrade or privacy panel that suits your style aesthetic and budget.

Bring your design inspiration ideas to us and we’ll help design the ideal solution for your home.

onsite caravan for sale

4 Storage Tips and Space Saving Ideas for Onsite Caravan for Sale

When considering an Onsite Caravan for Sale as an affordable holiday home you may be wondering if the space is too small for your growing family. Compared to a holiday home where you can pile in the stuff an Onsite Caravan maybe a daunting prospect. When looking at Onsite Caravan for Sale you need to be strategic and look at areas where you can save space. We have some handy tips on how you can save space and enjoy your Onsite Caravan to its full potential.


Firstly if your prospective Onsite Caravan doesn’t have an annex attached then this is definitely something that you should investigate. While an Caravan can be small with space for some seating and a small kitchen, once you have an annex attached (either hard or soft) you will have another large socialising space to enjoy and have your things organised in. There are companies that can help you construct a hard annex and specialise in Onsite Caravans. Even ask some of the neighbouring Onsite Caravan owners if they have any recommendations.

Unexpected spaces

onsite caravan for sale

If you are reviewing a Permanent Onsite Caravan for Sale then ask the current owner where there are areas for storage. You will be surprised with the amount of cupboards and drawers on the inside and outside of the Onsite Caravan. Even at the front or underneath the Caravan there may be places where you can store tools and equipment that can be kept outside. Manufacturers of Caravans realise that the downside to Caravans is that it can be a bit cramped so they have built in many innovative places on the inside of the Caravan to store items. Many Onsite Caravan for Sale may even have extra places put in by the current owners to help with storage.

Buy Magnetic Strips and Hanging Hooks

Onsite Caravans for Sale can have limited space for small objects. Looking for more drawer space? There may be a better alternative, try a magnetic strip to store scissors and small metal tools. Even better to try to keep knives in a safe places, try to place them high far away from the grasps of small children’s hands. Permanent Onsite Caravan for Sale may not come with extras but it’s a good idea to ask what they are prepared to include. Hanging hooks where you can place spray cleaning bottles and aerosol cans are very useful for storage and space saving. If the existing owner doesn’t have these items you can buy easily at Bunnings.

Stackable Storage Tubs

Shelves are quite common in Onsite Caravan for sale however to make the space work more efficiently try to use stackable storage tubs. These will allow you to fit more things in tight compact spaces.

Onsite Caravans

If you are looking for Onsite Caravan in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria you can find many advertised on online platforms. You can review a number of site to find the right Onsite Caravan for you and your family. Many people who are looking for Onsite Caravan in New South Wales will look at locations such as the Central Coast, North of Sydney and Sussex Inlets South of Sydney. For Onsite Caravan in Victoria popular locations are Baron Heads and Morning Peninsula.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.

Why are Swimming Pool Enclosures Great for the Home

When you want to increase the value of your house, one of the best ways to do so is to construct a swimming pool. If you want to make the most out of it, we recommend getting a pool enclosure as well. Just imagine having the freedom to go on a spontaneous swim whenever you want! You will also be delighted to know that you can enjoy more benefits from swimming pool enclosures.

Having a pool enclosure allows you and your family to swim in a sheltered environment. You can enjoy year-round swimming, which can also bring various health benefits. You can also opt for a retractable enclosure that you can partially open to provide shade while fully enjoying the breeze. In this way, your loved ones can have longer swimming pool adventures, especially during sunny summer seasons. Of course, it is crucial that you consult with an expert pool enclosure designer to get the ideal design for your structure.

In this post, we are going to share some of the reasons why swimming pool enclosures are great for the home. Read through this article to discover all the wonderful benefits you can expect.

Cleaner Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Enclosures

When your swimming pool is enclosed, you can avoid fishing for leaves, twigs, and debris in the water. Most of the time, the rubbish that lands on the surface of the cover will remain dry, and they will blow off again or fall to the sides, allowing you to collect them with ease. Moreover, since there are fewer organic matters in the water, you can keep the water clean, allowing you to cut down on chlorine consumption.

Reduced Exposure to the Sun

It is true that when you expose your skin to the sun, it naturally produces vitamin D, which can lower the risk for some types of cancer. However, too much UV rays can cause health issues. According to, excessive exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging and even weaken the immune system. So, it is crucial to think about your safety before jumping into your pool.

As illustrated in an article published on the New South Wales Government site, UV rays cannot go through polycarbonate, plastic, or glass enclosures. With enough sunscreen, you can swim inside your pool enclosure without worrying about UV damage to your skin.

Protect Your Kids and Pets

If you live with children and pets, you need to prevent them from accessing the pool without supervision. Of course, you cannot keep an eye on them 24/7. Swimming pool enclosures prove to be quite useful for restricting access. Whether you choose a fixed or retractable structure, you can ensure the safety and security of the pool area. Even when you are away from home, you can rest easy knowing that your kids and pets won’t fall into the waters.

Less Chemical Consumption

It is worth noting that the sun’s UV rays burn off the chlorine and other chemicals in your pool. Without swimming pool enclosures, about 35% of the free chlorine will be destroyed every hour. Consequently, you will find it challenging to balance the pH level of the water while keeping it sanitary. It can be expensive and time-consuming to continually top of the chemicals.

On the other hand, as we’ve mentioned earlier, UV rays cannot penetrate plastic, polycarbonate, and glass enclosures. So, when you build a pool enclosure, it will be easier for you to sanitize your water and balance its pH levels.

Improve Your Health

As we’ve stated, swimming pool enclosures also mean year-round access to the waters. You would not have to drive through the chilly weather and icy roads during winter just to get to a gym. With a heated pool, you can exercise without even leaving your home. You can burn the excess fats during winter by swimming or performing water aerobics. In this way, you won’t feel like a stuffed turkey after the holiday festivities.

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Researchers from the University School of Physical Education in Cracow Poland studied the effects of winter swimming. They learned that this activity releases muscle tension while improving joint mobility and immunity. With a pool enclosure, you will be able to swim even during the chilly climate, allowing you to fight stress and enhance your body’s overall health.

What to Consider When Getting Swimming Pool Enclosures for Homes

Just by looking at the benefits we mentioned above, you know that you will earn back what you spent for the pool enclosure cost. So, if you are thinking about getting one for your home, you must still consider some factors to ensure that you will get the best value for your money. Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • Patio, landscaping, and decking configuration — Think about the shape and size that will be suitable for your backyard while taking the patio, landscaping, and decking configuration into account. Keep in mind that the pool enclosure cost will mainly depend on how big the area that you need to cover.
  • Location – You should also consider whether the swimming pool area is close to trees or a garden. If so, you might need to assess if the project will require additional landscaping. Consider your personal preference and style when choosing the overall look of the pool area and its surrounding landscape.
  • Budget – The pool enclosure cost will depend on various factors, including the design, size, and materials. The rate will also depend on whether the contractor builds the enclosure on-site or if they offer pre-fabricated options.
  • Fixed or Retractable – Retractable pool enclosures offer the same benefits as one that is fixed in place. However, if you want to maximize the advantages of the structure, it is ideal to opt for an enclosure with a retractable design. As we’ve mentioned, you can draw the enclosure back in when the sun is out. In bad weather conditions, you can draw it out completely, turning your outdoor pool into a fully enclosed area.

When it comes to building the swimming pool enclosures, you need to find a reliable contractor who can deliver an innovative yet creative solution for your needs. Make sure you find one who can construct the structure, using the latest engineering tools and skills.

long term caravan park1

5 Positive Aspects of Living in Long Term Caravan Parks

Living in a long-term caravan park has its advantages. Some of these advantages have been listed below to show you the advantages of living in long-term caravan parks and experience.

Sense of Community

Living in Long-term caravan parks enables the creation of lasting friendships that last a lifetime. People are sure they can get support from the community due to residents looking out for each other’s interests. Residents don’t have to worry about their property and valuables getting stolen because residents are always looking out for each other keeping a keen eye on suspicious characters in the park. This makes staying in long-term caravan parks a great substitute for neighborhoods having the traditional brick and mortar homes.


Residents staying in long-term caravan parks feel safe and secure most of the time. It’s very difficult to get these parks isolated at any time of day or night. Residents use their manufactured homes as permanent dwellings or as holiday homes and they never get to worry that during their stay they’ll feel insecure at any particular time. Park management has also placed various security measures such as the installation of CCTV cameras and the use of security companies to ensure residents feel safe and secure during their stay in these parks.


Long term caravan parks situated in good attractive locations has its advantages. Some of these parks are closely situated in areas which have amenities such as schools and hospitals within their reach making them good substitutes to staying in conventional neighborhoods. Staying in caravan parks in SA gives residents the opportunity to view landmarks making it a good relaxation technique for people staying in these parks. Residents in Geelong can easily direct visitors to their homes easily without worrying they’ll get lost or they won’t find parking slots in long-term caravan parks. Park management makes sure residents get comfortable stays at their parks making them live stress-free lives.

caravan park


Park maintenance is carried out by park management in caravan parks situated in most parts of the country including caravan parks situated in VIC (Victoria), Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, SA, and Geelong. Residents are responsible for taking care of their homes and immediate surroundings. The rest of the park is the sole responsibility of park management through the use of efficient and effective park managers to ensure caravan parks permanent living is a great experience to all. This makes staying in these parks great options for owners of manufactured homes with families or senior homeowners coexist peacefully with one another having less to worry about due to good park management.

Financial Savings

The good thing about considering caravan long term rental is individual’s living on a fixed budget get to save more. Financial savings achieved due to living in caravan parks can be redirected to other pressing needs people may have to deal with. This creates a culture of saving and working on one’s finances making residents better managers of their own finances. While moving into long-term caravan parks residents in these parks don’t have to worry about buying furniture because a majority of these manufactured homes are fully furnished cutting down on furniture costs. Furniture costs are applicable in the terms of payment agreed upon by the homeowner and the park management. Furnished manufactured homes in parks which have these service is applicable to buyers of manufactured homes and those who opt to rent making their stay in these parks more convenient for residents cutting down spending costs. This enables residents to save more and enjoy their road to financial independence.

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Newbury park pool remodeling


Summer means lounging by the pool-side with a bottle of your favorite beer to beat the heat. With each passing year, the mercury level has been rising unapologetically. To get respite from the heat, getting a pool in the backyard seems like a great idea. As easy as it might sound, what does the actual process entail? Whom to consult? What about the costs of construction and maintenance? I’ll attempt to answer these questions in a lucid manner.

Once you are sure about getting a pool or Newbury park pool remodeling in your house, you may begin your quest to find a construction company on Google.  Looking for one which exclusively works on pools is a better idea as they generally have more expertise in this field and can guide a novice throughout the process. This is followed by a session with their experts who visit you at home to discuss about details. It includes the pool dimensions, location, aesthetics and your budget.

Newbury park pool remodeling

Newbury park pool remodeling

A scene file in the form of 3D images is prepared and shown to the client for better understanding of the structural details, which includes plumbing and electrical framework. Any subsequent change which the client seeks is incorporated at this stage. Once the client gives an affirmative, the company applies for necessary permits from local authorities.

The more technical stuff has been jotted down as bullet points for simplicity:

1) With the permit in hand, excavation begins after careful examination of the allocated spot.

2) A framework of steel along the sides and floor of the pool is made in the excavated area for structural support.

3) This is followed by installation of pumps, filters, heaters which constitute the plumbing set-up and electrical components are put into place.

4) A test is conducted to ensure safety and efficiency of plumbing and electrical system.

5) The next step is spraying of dry/damp mixture of sand and cement called Gunite followed by water all over it. This inner core of concrete takes about a week to dry up.

6) Beautification begins subsequent to this. A wide range of materials are available for the coping of the pool.

7) Likewise, the perimeter is covered in a material of the client’s preference. Any installation in the form of fire pits, fountains etc. that are included in the design is taken care of at this stage.

8) Plaster is applied next to improve the finish.

9) Before water is filled into the almost-ready pool, plaster dust needs to be brushed off.

10) A technician works on the chemical treatment of the pool. It includes adding chemicals like chlorine for disinfection and sanitation.

11) Water is then filled into the pool.

The whole process outlined above usually takes 1-2 months. So go ahead and get a new pool in your backyard because summer isn’t far away.

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relocatable homes for sale

Found the perfect Relocatable Home for Sale in Vic? Here’s how to add your stamp

With the average house prices in the major cities getting higher and higher, it’s little wonder more people are looking for relocatable homes for sale in Vic. After all, they offer all the creature comforts of a house, but with a community feel generally not on offer in a Victoria suburban area.

However, once you’ve decided that the holiday life is for you, you’ll be wanting to add your stamp to your new mobile home. Adjusting to living in a caravan park can take time and customising your new abode to suit your tastes is one way to speed up the process.

Give it a theme

relocatable homes for sale

relocatable homes for sale

Always wanted to live by the sea? Or, how about in a cottage? When you decide to buy a relocatable home in a caravan park, giving it a theme can both keep you busy and add value to your new residence. You can give it a fresh coat of paint, buy themed furniture, and create a haven that stands out from the crowd.

Plant a garden

When you were looking for relocatable homes for sale in Vic, you possibly didn’t pay much attention to gardens surrounding it. After all, it’s usually the community environment and the mobile home itself that captures your attention. However, if you’re looking to add your own touches and make your house seem more like a permanent structure than a holiday home, adding a garden is a must.

As you might be pressed for space, you may wish to invest in portable garden beds. You can then add a range of flora, fauna, or vegetables to brighten up your environment.

Use lighting

Brightening up your new relocatable home with lighting can add a touch of ambience and homeliness. From solar garden lights through to fairy lights, there’s no end to how much warmth and heart a bit of light can add to your new mobile home.

Adding your touch to a relocatable home doesn’t take a lot of work, but it offers so many rewards. During your adjustment period, take the time to turn your new relocatable house into a home.

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5 Pool Remodeling Ideas to Impress Your Friends

Over a period, probably, you feel your swimming pool is not as attractive as the new ones that your friends have built or you may feel that the aesthetics of the pool have outlived its dream tenure and needs drastic pool renovations. Alternatively, you might feel that the existing pool lacks amenities and you wish to bring it up-to-date with modern accessories and facilities.

However, short of demolishing and re-building, you have several options to get your swimming pool a very new look and satisfy your dreams.


Vinyl Pools are a blend of a steel frame, rods, and wire with a spray of cement and sand. These are generally easier to build and are more popular in the US. However, these days, vinyl pools are topping the popularity charts because they are less expensive and easier to build or refurbish. You can easily make over an old vinyl pool by just adding a new liner, with a few new decks to give the grand impression of an expensive Vinyl pool. Pool remodeling, therefore, offers myriad possibilities for a healthy and attractive beautification process.


Lovely green plants add to the aesthetic value of every swimming pool, whether it is a new or remodeled one. However, take care to ensure that you always keep these plants properly trimmed and in control so that they do not drop leaves into the pools or encourage bird’s litter to defile the deck. While selecting your plants, make sure that you have a blend of palm trees, ferns and luscious flora that grow well with little water. A row of coniferous trees along your poolside will surely provide shade and privacy all around the year.

Pool House

A pool house would be a welcome addition to any remodeling plan. You would do well to plan a prefabricated shed with facilities to store your poolside accessories including bath towels, shower caps etc., and a convenient change room for your guests.

Add a Spa

You could consider designing a small spa within the existing facilities, to add glamour to your pool. Consider using the pumping equipment not only to pump hot water into the pool but also to supply hot water to your mini spa. If you follow some of the innovative books on how to recover installation and operating costs, you will stand to gain considerably.


A truly innovative plan for Calabasas pool remodeling will include a truly majestic cascading waterfall, built from rocks and boulders. You also have the wonderful option to consider ready-made DIY waterfalls or something more dramatic like a bigger waterfall with a beautiful reservoir.


Pool Remodeling Preparations

There are a Number of Considerations to keep in mind to prepare for pool remodeling.

Do Your Homework

First, and perhaps most importantly, doing your homework is critical. When people fail to follow this fundamental step, they are often disappointed at the end result. However, if you find the right company to work with, you can count on top-notch results.

Incidentally, if you’d ever like to speak with the professionals at Valley Pool Plaster, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs. Getting quality results really depends on a few basic things.

Know Exactly What Changes You Want to Make

This will make the whole process a lot more straightforward. Whether that means sitting down with a professional to do some brainstorming or coming up with a general plan on your own, this is the best way to get started.

Once you’ve got an idea of exactly what you want doing, the next step is to figure out what it’s going to take to get there. In most major cities, there are numerous options available for pool remodeling services. As you can imagine, though, not all of them are equally dependable.

Find the Right People for the Job

You should ultimately end up working with qualified, dedicated, and focused professionals like the ones at Valley Pool Plaster.

Once you have the right people for the job, and you know what you want them to do, it’s time to let them work their magic. Using quality materials and skilled laborers, a reputable company can do anything from replacing pumps to overhauling the whole system. It is advisable to check in along the way to make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Request Referrals

Before making it this far, you may like to request referrals from previous clients. If you speak to a previous client directly, you can ask them about the areas where the company excelled, and also about the areas that they were less pleased with. Ideally, they will affirm that the company provided top-notch results and that they were astounded by the quality. In that case, you will know that you can trust them to do a great job.

Leave it to the Pros

Pool remodeling and swimming pool repairs are best left to professional companies like Valley Pool Plaster. While there may be small jobs the average homeowner can tackle on their own (depending on the type), most of these jobs require extensive equipment and experience, not to mention manpower.

Even so, it pays to be informed so you know what you are getting into when it comes to these problems. The more you know, the less likely it will be that you’ll get taken advantage of when it comes to price and time. You also should know the difference between a job that needs to be taken care of now and one that can wait.

In the final analysis, the best thing to do is find a trusted company to work with and schedule a consultation. Then determine exactly what you want to have done. From there, you can pretty much relax and let them do what they do best. However, it is important to check in from time to time and make sure things are going smoothly. If you follow this simple advice, you should be pleased with the final result.

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