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Whether you’re a beginner taking the first steps toward fitness or an exercise maniac hoping to get the most out of your results, a well-rounded training program is essential. Include these four elements to create a balanced routine.


Muscular fitness is a key component of a training program. It can help you increase bone strength, muscular fitness, and it can help you manage or lose weight. It can also improve your ability to do everyday activities such as playing with your kids or grand kids, picking up and putting away groceries etc. the list can go on. Aim to include strength training of all the major muscle groups into your fitness routine at least twice a week. Here at pulse we take care of all the programming for you so when you come in you aren’t feeling lost or unsure on where to begin. We have a new focus each month whether it is a strength month or hypertrophy month or endurance month so we check all boxes for you.


Aerobic activity, also known as cardio or endurance activity, is another key component of most training programs. Aerobic activity causes you to breathe at a faster rate and more deeply which maximizes the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your heart rate will increase, which increases blood flow to your muscles and back to your lungs. The better your aerobic fitness, the more efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels transport oxygen throughout your body and the easier it is to complete routine physical tasks and rise to unexpected challenges such as running to your car in the rain or that small jog you take not so miss the elevator on the way up to the office.


Balance exercises can help you maintain your balance at any age. It’s generally a good idea for older adults in particular to be doing exercises to maintain or improve balance in their routine. It can also help with coordination too. This is important because balance tends to deteriorate with age which can lead to falls and fractures. Balance exercises can help older adults prevent falls and maintain their independence.

However, anyone can benefit from balance training, as it can help stabilize your core muscles. For example, try standing on one leg for increasing periods of time to improve your overall stability.


Flexibility is an important aspect of physical fitness and it’s a good idea to include stretching and mobility into your training. Stretching exercises can help increase flexibility, which can make it easier for you to do many everyday activities that require you to be limber. Stretching can also improve the range of motion of your joints and may promote better posture. Regular stretching can even help relieve stress and tension. Adding mobility into the equation can help how freely a joint can move throughout its full range of motion. This is why foam rolling and trigger point exercises can help address muscle tension and tissue quality and corrective exercises to address the system are all needed for good joint mobility.

So there you have it. The four key components to a great training program. Make sure you are checking all the boxes for yourself and implementing doses of each into your programs. Here at Pulse we incorporate all the above and then some more into your training. If you are unsure or confused about what to or why you should be doing or where to start come see us at Pulse gyms in Scottsdale to get a better understanding of what we do and how we can help.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Overview:

The short assembly, 160lb weight stack Power BSG 10X home gym is among the best home gym 2011 series that is perfect for those looking to set up their own home gym equipment. Although the Power is not as high prestige as Bow and other high end home gym brands, the features of Power BSG10x home gym certainly prove to be competitive among its class. For about $877, you will get a best gyms fort Lauderdale that is not only packed with features but also of quality.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Features:

Power BSG10X comes with one hundred sixty pounds of selectorized stack, press bar and a chrome plated adjustable seat. This is also inclusive of low, mid, and high pulleys and leg developer although the leg press is not included and is available as optional attachment. However, the arm and leg developer station has eight position adjustable press which compensates for the lack of leg press that will still enable users to perform up to forty different exercises. And just like with other Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale of this class, the BSG 10X also uses a no change cable pulley system which allows user to continuously perform their workout without having to worry about changing cables when they transition from workout regimen to another. Other additional accessories include a forty eight inches lateral bar, AB crunch harness and a low row bar. And with a warranty of ten years, you certainly have the best product guarantee in the market.

best gyms fort lauderdale

best gyms fort lauderdale

The home gym comes in one box and it is almost assembled with ninety percent of its parts are already preassembled including all high impact resistant nylon pulleys as well as the 2200 pounds military spec, steel aircraft, tensile strength steel cables. So aside from excellent features, you will also find it easy to assemble your home gym using a simple nine-bolt process. The adjustable seat is also a plus advantage because it means that the BSG10X can accommodate users with different sizes.

The only downside to this is that the weight stack of BSG10X is not upgradeable. If you are planning to increase your weight, be sure to consider your options first before buying this home gym. If you are planning to use more than 160 pounds weight stack, you may consider your options with Power BSG10X Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Plus BSGLP. But for those who are not planning to exceed the 160 – pound stack, this compact system may just be ideal for you.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Conclusion:

For less than $900, you get compact home gym equipment with Power BSG 10X short assembly. For a home gym of this class and price range, this is definitely one to own although not recommended for more serious body builders. But in general including its basic features and specifications, this home gym from Power offer something worth the money you will pay for it. And even if this is not in the class of Bow and other similar brands, the Power is gradually making a name in the home gym industry by offering quality products at affordable prices.