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personal training in Canary Wharf

Personal Training For A Healthier And Happier Life

Hiring personal trainer in Canary Wharf can help you take care of your physical health activity. If you are a beginner, you can start searching for an experienced personal trainer to take care of your exercise and nutrition plan and help you achieve your fitness goals faster. When you choose to hire personal trainer around you, you can prevent injuries too.

When we think of the word “personal trainer”, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? – A fit person wearing tight lycra-fit lower pyjamas or jogging suits. Right? Gone are the days when personal trainers were dressed up in such attire. Nowadays, modern personal fitness trainers in Canary Wharf may not be dressed in their fitness or gym attire. Still, they offer personal training near Canary Wharf.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Personal Trainer Canary Wharf?

personal training in Canary Wharf

There has been a changing trend in the personal training industry since the last few years. People choose to hire young and fit trainers to encourage and motivate them to exercise and workout on a regular basis. People who get bored with the same kind of exercise can choose to hire such trainers to stick to a healthy workout routine. The trainers are passionate individuals who aim to help clients achieve their fitness and health goals faster. You can improve your life with and switch to a happier one when you hire the right trainer.

Obese and overweight people may find visiting a gym canary wharf to be a scary experience if they have never been to the gym in their life. Personal training can be the right option for such people. Take a look around for the best personal fitness trainers and hire the best one to plan the most suitable fitness and nutrition strategy tailored as per your requirements and goals.

Some people often look for company or even ask a family member or friend to join for exercising. A personal trainer can be that exercising company buddy and make your workout enjoyable. You can ask the trainer to plan a variety of exercises and include the ones that interest you. It can be a good idea to plan some outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, jogging, walking, running, or others with your personal trainers once in a while to enjoy the workout and live a healthy lifestyle.

How To Hire The Best Personal Trainers?

It may not be an easy task to choose a personal trainer. While searching over the internet, you will come across several different types of personal trainers, but you cannot just hire the first one you find on Google or other search engines. You need to be careful while hiring a professional. Talk to as many professionals as possible and try to find the pros and cons of each individual. Make sure that you get the best value for the money you spend for hiring the fitness trainers in Canary Wharf.

Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Alternatives to Treadmill? Advice from a Personal Trainer

Many times, especially when first starting to go to a fitness facility like Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio, it can be a very daunting experience when there are so many new machines, gadgets, equipment, etc that you have no idea how to use. Most people when faced with these challenges just start with something they know, and more often than not that thing is the treadmill. Are you someone who only goes to the gym and use only the treadmill? Is the boredom of running on the treadmill keeping you from the consistency for that fit lifestyle you are going for? Is your leg too sore and tired from doing repeated treadmill sessions too much? If this sounds like you, come talk to a Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Trainer Richmond BC and we can see how we might be able to incorporate more things like resistance training into your gym sessions!

In the meantime, here are a few cardio alternatives to treadmill that can change things up a little and make your cardio session at the gym more fun! And Fun is a very important factor for long term fitness success:

Personal Trainer Richmond BC

Rowing: many gyms or fitness facilities like the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio come with a rowing machine where you can simulate rowing a boat to work the entire body instead of just the legs. Rowing involves leg as well as a lot of arm movements so it is a very effective form a cardio to get that calorie burning!

Stationary Bike: This one also involves a lot of leg movement, but may be less high impact than treadmill as your feet do not have to brace for impact with the treadmill surface. Give stationary bike a try if you want your cardio to focus on legs but you are getting really fed up or bored with treadmill!

Stair masters: Have you ever wanted to do A LOT of stairs? If the answer is yes then this is something you have to try! Now if the answer is no, this is also something you might want to give it a go! Why? Well, getting our body out of its comfort zone is where growth magic happens!

Elliptical: These fancy machines in many gyms or fitness training facilities will get your arms more involved to get more calories burning! This machine is part rowing part power walking, so if you are looking for a more dynamic experience definitely look at these!

Jump Rope: This effective high impact activity will test your coordination and your jump game sometimes, and when you get really good at them, you can start doing some fancy moves with them that will certainly be an attention grabber! These are also extremely easy to carry with you anywhere you go, so they are ideal travel fitness equipment or when you need some cardio at home but don’t have space for bigger cardio equipment!

Boxing: both the arm only version and the arms plus legs version will let you work on power, coordination, as well as endurance. It also helps you with self-defense. With so many wins, how can you not think about these? Paired with foot work and dodges, you can work your core, abs, and balance at the same time. As a bonus, you will look cool and intense at the same time while doing this for sure!

Dance classes: The varying styles of dances all require a lot of movements with all of your body, so this compound movement activity will definitely be burning calories like crazy. This is also an extremely fun and usually music-filled activity that is sure to spice your workout up! Who knows, maybe with some moves learned here you can impress your friends at the next party or even get famous!

Shorten the breaks between exercises and pick more compound cardio type movement exercises or run HIIT type exercises: the focus of cardio is keeping the heart rate up, so you can probably see how resting is not really going to help you in that department. The trick is keeping the rest short enough so your heart rate does not fall too much to lose the cardio effect while giving you enough respite to tackle the next set without risking injury. During the exercises you can try incorporating more compound movement exercises to get that heart rate elevated further for more energy/calorie spent!

veneers sunshine


Nowadays, most cosmetic dental procedures are as easy and common as regular dental work. They can also help with self-confidence, appearance and support you in achieving a better, brighter smile. Most common cosmetic procedures are fairly easy and only a few require more sessions and a bit of complex work.

One such relatively simple procedure is getting dental veneers Sunshine. Veneers are incredibly popular as they enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and if you have a worn tooth – from grinding – or chipped teeth, having veneers would cover the imperfections and create a stronger smile. Getting veneers can be the best of both worlds: a cosmetic procedure that leaves you with a bright, white smile while also correcting and protecting teeth.

So what is a dental veneer and who can get one?

veneers sunshine

There are two types of dental veneers: one is porcelain and the others are made from composite resins. Depending on your situation and budget, your dentist will be able to find a veneers solution that suits you.  Veneers do require a small removal of the natural tooth – usually less than a millimeter – and this allows the dentist to create a more even smile and lets the veneers fit in your mouth as a normal tooth would. It is also essentially for the bonding agent that will hold the veneer to your natural tooth. Dental Veneers are custom-made and individually sculpted for each client, so your smile will look natural and unlike normal teeth, veneers resist staining from coffee, tea or cigarettes, making them an ideal option for those whose teeth resist whitening.

Almost anyone can get veneers. Especially if your teeth are fractured or have gaps between them, if they’re poor in colour, shape and contours and even if there are minor-bite related problems. As with any involved cosmetic or dental procedure, make sure to consult your dentist and research your options. There are a few small downsides to getting veneers. As part of the original tooth’s enamel must be removed, this isn’t considered a reversible treatment but if you have porcelain veneers they can last up to 25 years. Also, creating porcelain veneers requires your smile analysis to be sent to a laboratory, so this isn’t a one consultation treatment.

Finally, we get to the maintenance. Maintaining your veneers is quite simple. Just make sure to continue your routine brushing with a non-abrasive toothpaste and flossing every day. If you’re not sure which toothpaste to use, your doctor can recommend one. Try to avoid biting nails, chewing ice and other stresses that can damage veneers and natural teeth!

best gyms fort lauderdale

Meet The RoxFire Interns


I grew up competing in swimming and cross country along the West Coast before joining the US Navy. Eventually, I fell in love with South Florida and made it my home. I’m a former youth and adult martial arts instructor certified in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Dutch Kickboxing. Currently, I’m competing in Mixed Martial Arts and my next competition is on 2/23 at Sway Nightclub. I’m excited to join the RoxFire Personal training fort lauderdale and begin coaching CrossFit. ~ Tyler

Personal training fort lauderdale

Personal training fort lauderdale


I stared CrossFit approximately 2 years ago.  I was 260 lbs when I walked into the gym. After my first WOD, I was hooked! Since my first day at the gym I’ve done 4 competitions anywhere from 7 hours to 80 min. I’m currently weighing in at 195lbs. I’ve decided in the past year that I will train to compete in the CrossFit Games in the next 2 years.  I love everything about CrossFit from the community aspect to the thrill of the competition. It is truly a humbling sport. I’m excited to begin my Coaching career at RoxFire and help other athletes through the same transformation I went through. ~ Gabe


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protein water diet

Whey Protein Water Diet Isolate Rewards and Just How It Influences Fat Loss

If perhaps you are trying to find a wholesome solution to add more necessary protein to your diet regime then pure whey protein water diet is an excellent choice. This specific source of nourishment is actually utilized by means of up to 50 % of the actual body. The actual human body can’t mature correctly without it. If perhaps you’re not sure precisely what protein really does within you then you should realize that it handles the pace of metabolic process, develops along with repairs cells, offers immune support and gives plenty of other different advantages. And it happens to be crucial that you have to search for best whey protein water diet for women in case you would like to get the appropriate quantity of it. Simply stay with me and you’ll before long know a few of benefits which whey protein water diet for women delivers for you.

Fat loss happens to be the actual 1st benefit we’ll speak about with regards to utilizing best protein water diet for women. You are going to find whey protein water diet in numerous food substitute and fat reduction supplements. However it’s encouraged to use isolated form of pure whey protein water diet as it’s extremely reduced in fat and very simple to digest. We must point out that in case you are utilizing whey protein water diet and exercising at the same time in that case your metabolic rate is going to turn out to be much faster.

Adding best whey protein water diet for women towards a currently healthy lifestyle encourages the actual growth of slim tissue and also ensures the particular adequate consumption of high quality protein. It is stated the fact that most girls tend not to consume enough healthy protein in their day-to-day eating plans. There are some that are vegetarians; other girls basically tend not to take in large enough servings. It is apparent that you simply can’t construct muscle in case you do not possess enough nutrition. Just don’t forget to make use of best protein water diet for women and you will be in a position to easily construct lean tissue. That in addition is going to decrease muscle tissue damage to existing muscle tissue. You may ask, will added healthy protein bulk me up? The solution is simply no. Taking a necessary protein dietary supplement is not going to bulk up a girl. Males are attaining muscles due to the fact they have much more bodily hormone which is identified as testosterone. You, as being a lady, could anticipate obtaining a comprehensive well developed look towards your body.

protein water diet

It happens to be widely recognized that as we age, muscle tissue reduction turns into an expanding problem. Exactly the same comes about with bad health effects. Insurance costs are generally higher because of more statements coming from personal injury along with brittle bones, and also medical pricing is up out of much of the identical. Good diet and also adequate amounts of high quality whey protein water diet for women can assist sustain robust muscles groups as well as bone tissues in the course of the aging process, specifically when joined with a workout along with weight training program. We cannot reject the truth that the loss of bone density is encouraged if perhaps we are missing necessary protein or it is associated with low quality.

And these tend to be exclusively a few of the advantages that you are going to experience if you will be making use of whey protein water diet for women. Just don’t forget to invest some time and try to find exclusively the best whey protein water diet for women. We furthermore must bring up the fact that it is rather straightforward to discover best protein water diet for women these days given that you’ve got net available.

water based protein drinks

How the Flavored Protein Water Diet Works

Protein is an essential nutrient necessary for maintaining good health. In its basic form protein consists of amino acid chains. Of the 22 amino acids that are capable of creating protein, 8 of these can only be obtained through a protein water diet. Because these amino acids are utilized by the body a low protein water diet can affect a host of very important functions. The building of our skin, hair, nails and internals organs all depend on amino acids and are maintained trough a protein water diet.

Muscle tissue as well as new tissue growth need protein for their activities and can receive adequate levels with a protein water diet. Protein intake from a high protein water diet helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to our cells. The valuable protein water diet aids and maintains antibody production.

The protein sources available to us for inclusion in a high protein water diet include animal and plant based proteins. Animal proteins are found in meat, fish, cheese eggs and milk. Plant protein sources include soy, spirulina and organic whey protein water diet products. While it is certainly important that we include a balanced intake of protein in our diet, many people eat too much animal based protein.

This type of high protein water drinks could have adverse health effects, which appear as disease and obesity. Many individuals who follow an excessively high animal based protein water diet are overweight and often unhealthy. People on an animal based high protein water diet often have elevated bad cholesterol levels.

Heart disease, strokes and osteoporosis are often the result of an excessive animal based high protein water diet. It is therefore important that a well-balanced protein water diet is maintained. By replacing part or all of our animal protein water diet with plant proteins we can be assured that our body requirements are being met. A plant protein water diet can help us to avoid the health problems associated with an excessive animal protein water diet.

Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats when on a plant protein water diet can improve health tremendously. This plant protein water diet can also aid with weight control. A plant protein water diet does away with the saturated fat accumulation thus limiting unwanted weight gain. Regular exercise combined with a high protein water diet including plant proteins will be beneficial to individuals wanting a healthier lifestyle.

Plant proteins have many benefits of their own when included in the high protein water diet. These protein water diet improvements include the ability to raise good cholesterol levels while reducing bad cholesterol. This important protein water diet function aids in preventing the arterial plaque build up, which could cause artery hardening and blockages.

Protein from plant sources like soy and spirulina, when included in a protein water diet, are able to reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks and heart disease. A vegetable high protein water diet improves the ability to retain calcium in the body.

Because less calcium is excreted in the urine while on a plant protein water diet, problems such as kidney stones are lessened. Therefore it is important to consider exactly which type of high protein water diet you are currently following. Due to the high levels of saturated fats and additives found in red meat, a plant protein water diet is superior to an animal protein water diet and is the healthier alternative.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Overview:

The short assembly, 160lb weight stack Power BSG 10X home gym is among the best home gym 2011 series that is perfect for those looking to set up their own home gym equipment. Although the Power is not as high prestige as Bow and other high end home gym brands, the features of Power BSG10x home gym certainly prove to be competitive among its class. For about $877, you will get a best gyms fort Lauderdale that is not only packed with features but also of quality.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Features:

Power BSG10X comes with one hundred sixty pounds of selectorized stack, press bar and a chrome plated adjustable seat. This is also inclusive of low, mid, and high pulleys and leg developer although the leg press is not included and is available as optional attachment. However, the arm and leg developer station has eight position adjustable press which compensates for the lack of leg press that will still enable users to perform up to forty different exercises. And just like with other Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale of this class, the BSG 10X also uses a no change cable pulley system which allows user to continuously perform their workout without having to worry about changing cables when they transition from workout regimen to another. Other additional accessories include a forty eight inches lateral bar, AB crunch harness and a low row bar. And with a warranty of ten years, you certainly have the best product guarantee in the market.

best gyms fort lauderdale

best gyms fort lauderdale

The home gym comes in one box and it is almost assembled with ninety percent of its parts are already preassembled including all high impact resistant nylon pulleys as well as the 2200 pounds military spec, steel aircraft, tensile strength steel cables. So aside from excellent features, you will also find it easy to assemble your home gym using a simple nine-bolt process. The adjustable seat is also a plus advantage because it means that the BSG10X can accommodate users with different sizes.

The only downside to this is that the weight stack of BSG10X is not upgradeable. If you are planning to increase your weight, be sure to consider your options first before buying this home gym. If you are planning to use more than 160 pounds weight stack, you may consider your options with Power BSG10X Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Plus BSGLP. But for those who are not planning to exceed the 160 – pound stack, this compact system may just be ideal for you.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Conclusion:

For less than $900, you get compact home gym equipment with Power BSG 10X short assembly. For a home gym of this class and price range, this is definitely one to own although not recommended for more serious body builders. But in general including its basic features and specifications, this home gym from Power offer something worth the money you will pay for it. And even if this is not in the class of Bow and other similar brands, the Power is gradually making a name in the home gym industry by offering quality products at affordable prices.

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Ion-X Protein Water Drinks Australia

Protein drinks or beverages fortified with protein, have been used since the late 1960’s as supplements by those in bodybuilding or sports training circles. As can be seen below, (this product was a fish protein drink in a can). They progressed from actual meat and dried meat products in liquids (OMG), to soy and egg powders, then whey powders. Recently, protein drinks have been made using whey protein and water powder instead of milk. This reduces overall calories, reduces sugars/fats/carbs. They are more quickly digested than milk based protein water drinks.

Shown above (right), a Ready-to-go protein water drink from the 1960’s. Hard to stomach compared to the best protein water found today, ION-X Protein water (left).

Recommended daily allowances for protein are cited at 0.8g per kilo of body weight, however it is suggested that during strength training this doubles ( There is some debate about when to consume a protein drink in relation to exercise, (before, during, after). Some newer research suggests that timing may be less important than amount. (

In recent years, there has been a massive growth in protein supplements. Australian consumers are also the highest per capita purchasers of protein supplements in the world. Whilst the majority of these ready-to-go protein drinks are purchased within 45 minutes of training/exs, now a growing number (10-15%) are purchased for as snacks. (Vitaco Holdings, Bulking up, Oct 19, 2015).

protein water

protein water

The weight loss surgery patient/gastric sleeve surgery patient is now a leading player within this snack purchasing. According to an Australian Govt website, In 2014–15, there were about 22,700 hospital visits involving one or more weight loss surgery procedures. (

Use of a protein water drink product is highly indicated for gastric sleeve diet, or a liquid diet after gastric sleeve surgery. When considering a diet after gastric sleeve surgery, patients are recommended to look for 20-30g of high quality protein, less than 300 calories and less than 15g of sugars in a protein drink. ION-X protein water australia satisfies this by having 30g of the highest quality protein, 120 calories and less than 1g sugars.

Protein waters can be used closer to training than traditional milk based high carb protein drinks, or even during training. This is because they have less carbs and competition, essentially in the stomach. Some sports nutritionists and trainers are now recommending protein intake immediately before and during training. We are not recommending a protein water diet, however protein water can be a handy convenient source of food for those engaged in training.

Similar to the early days of traditional milk based protein drinks, protein water brands have had some problems. Many make bold and silly claims, (e.g., they are the most technologically advanced drinks in the world 😊), and all say they taste great. Astringency, or dry taste is a big problem for protein water drinks Australia. Simply mixing protein powder and water always results in a dry taste.  Only ION-X Protein water has managed to mask this dry taste.

The superior taste of the best protein water, ION-X Protein Water comes from using special natural flavourings and concentrated fruit extracts, playing with acidity, and a specialised heating & cooling process. We also spent a lot of time in researching the product. The other brands, including IsoPure and Bodiez simply throw in some sweetener with protein powder and water (which is why they taste the way they do). ION-X also uses an expensive highly processed whey powder with a higher percentage of protein, not a cheap protein powder like the other brands.

The best protein water drinks in Australia, are the ION-X Protein Water range. Of all the protein water brands it is universally acknowledged that ION-X is the only product that tastes anything like a normal drink. It is also rated as being “lighter” and not syrupy and not too sweet. When protein water brands are tasted by blind or unknowing tasters, ION-X Protein Water has never lost a single tasting. The difference is very noticeable.

Where to buy protein waters ? if you google protein water you will find many different, often new, companies selling protein water. Some companies are selling a cheap protein powder sachet to be mixed with water. The question is not where to buy protein water, but where to buy the best protein water.

John Brownhill is a Gold Coast based Clinical Psychologist and entrepreneur. He is the older brother of Tom Brownhill, former professional tennis player. John was born in Kempsey, country New South Wales, Australia. In his clinical practice, John specialises in Pain management and addictions.

On a hot day in 2015 after a gym session he realised he didn’t want to drink the chocolate whey drink he had previously purchased, he went home and mixed some protein powder with water, it tasted terrible. So, he went online and found a protein water product, “they said it tasted fantastic in their advertising,  but when I tried it, it was undrinkable”.

He saw an opportunity. However, finding a chemist able to mask the dry taste associated with protein waters and keep the sugars down was a challenge. “I promised myself I wouldn’t make a product like the protein waters I had tried, if I couldn’t improve I would stay home”, he says. John eventually found a food chemist that could do it, this chemist and his wife turned out to be valuable sources of information about the beverage industry and the business of manufacturing , “they are sometimes adult supervision”, he says.

Of course, getting manufactured and distributed was no easy matter. The supplements industry is often compared to the wild west. “I got ripped off by my first distributor”, he says. “I already had a good career, which was vey challenging on its own, so I had to ask myself some hard questions”.

John claims not to have any spare time, “but if I did”, he claims, “I would read and go to the beach with my niece Lucy”.

Protein fortified drinks, Protein drinks have been used in the context of physical training for decades. Modern protein drinks have a whey protein source. Some of the older protein drinks would not have been very nice to drink. Recently, protein water (water fortified with protein) products have become available.

Australian’s are considered the highest per capita consumers of protein supplements in the world, with most ready-to-go protein drinks being purchased within 45 minutes of exercise. There is some debate about when to consume a protein drink in relation to exercise, (before, during, after). Some newer research suggests that timing may be less important than amount.

There is recognition that during period of physical training protein requirements increase significantly. Additionally, there is recognition that use of a protein water drink product is highly indicated for gastric sleeve diet, or a liquid diet after gastric sleeve or weight loss surgery.

Protein water products have a number of advantages over milk based products. Protein waters can be used closer to training than traditional milk based high carb protein drinks, or even during training. This is because they have less carbs and competition for digestion.

An issue with protein waters is a dry taste called astringency. ION-X Protein Water is the only product that has managed to mask this. The superior taste of the best protein water, ION-X Protein Water comes from using special natural flavourings and concentrated fruit extracts, playing with acidity, and a specialised heating & cooling process. The company reports spending several years in research & development. ION-X Protein Water is considered significantly better than other protein waters on the market.


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Protein in Eggs

If you have ever been to a gym or you ever had any trainer assigned to train you for some sort of exercise you might have noticed he must be always recommending eggs in your diet. Is it so because it is the best tasting protein water or maybe it is cheapest source of protein? No, the major reason is he or she knows the importance of protein in eggs and eggs are the source of highest protein. Mostly the body builder’s main aim is to have some big strong looking muscles and the bulk protein available in eggs can really help their muscles to grow stronger. Egg whites can contain up to nine grams of protein and that’s why it is always a part of muscle gain diet.

protein water

protein water

Long ago when people had no access to the manufactured protein powders and used natural protein supplements which can build them strong, at that time even people used to eat foods with high protein like eggs. Even nowadays in protein waters there are different type of protein used and protein in eggs is highly valued as it considered to be one of the most amazing ingredient for them. While we are witnessing how much different sort of products are bombarded towards the athletes and body builders but yet there is no substitute of protein available in form of eggs. Still it is the cheapest protein available for the health workers who love to eat nutritious food.

The reason why eggs are considered to be the best ingredients in protein waters is because of the muscle gaining properties of protein in eggs. In the past the chickens were fed with a diet which tends to increase the cholesterol level in eggs but after several years of research and the new feeds made for the chicken made the cholesterol level very low. Now the average cholesterol level in chicken’s egg is 10-13% less than that of a decade ago. Many nutritionists at that time were skeptical over the cholesterol being found in the yolk of the egg and that’s why they often don’t recommended them to the body builders but if you are consuming any sort of protein water you don’t have to panic because protein used in them is only extracted from the egg is from eggs white which is rich with protein. The thinking of all those who thought about the percentage of cholesterol in eggs are burnt to grounds by several researches done who proved that cholesterol is not the part of eggs white.

Nature was always a gift of God for the human race and it has always accommodated us with all our needs. If you are using a protein water with egg protein than you must have already known all the benefits related to protein in eggs but if you are not using any such water than it is recommended for you to use eggs white in your diet to get the maximum strength for your body. It is not an expensive way to get yourself in a perfect shape as you might be spending a lot of money in other branded food supplements.


Richmond Gym

Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results

There are a number of ways an exercise can be made harder other than packing on more weight. This is important knowledge for injury prevention as well as for specific training purposes. A personal trainer Gyms in Cumming GA will have the knowledge to scale up and down the movement depending on the level of the client or athlete.


Let’s take the bench press exercise for an example. A regular bench press would have the tempo of one second down and one second up; which is great for learning and practicing technique. However, when more intensity is needed, you can alter the tempo for more gains. A longer tempo is generally harder; for an example three seconds on the way down and one second on the way up. Reaching the same number of reps with slow tempo will be much more difficult. A personal trainer Allentown PA in Richmond Gym will alter the tempo depending on client and athlete needs.

Unilateral movements

As humans we are not perfect and we will have imperfections. One of which are physical imbalances; left and right, front and back, top and bottom. Once we are comfortable with the form of a bilateral exercise, such as the barbell bench press, we can transfer it to a unilateral form – the dumbbell chest press. If we have an imbalance one arm will generally be weaker than the other. Our goal now is to balance both arms with independent resistance. A personal trainer in Best CrossFit Pittsburgh will be sure to spot clients to ensure safety.


Accommodating resistance

Now we’re getting fancy. The barbell bench press has a constant tension on the chest, shoulders and triceps. When we add an accommodating resistance, we are changing the amount of tension throughout the movement. This can be done through adding chains or resistance bands on the bar. Now when we perform the movement, it gets harder as we finish the press. This will train our lock-out strength at the end of the movement.

If you need more personalized help with your exercise and training.  Contact the best Pasadena Personal Trainer in Gyms in Yorba Linda, Surrey, and Langley.