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Things To Consider While Talking To Concrete Companies

Finding the best concrete contractor may not be an easy task. There are a lot of concrete companies Calgary to help you get complete peace of mind. There are a lot of factors one should consider when hiring a concrete contractor in Calgary. If you want to get your project completed on time and within your budget, you should talk to a few professionals and check the following tips:

Do your initial research 

Prepare a list of reputed agencies in Calgary. Search the internet for experienced concrete companies Calgary and try to call them up personally. Ask the following questions and get the right answers before hiring the contractors:

  • Since how long have you been into the business?
  • What kind of services do you provide? 
  • How have projects have you worked on in the last 3 to 6 months?
  • What is your team size? What kind of skills do they possess?
  • Do you provide a warranty of the services?
  • Is your company licensed and insured?
  • What is a price quote?
  • What is the timeline for the project?
Stamped concrete

Whether you contact an agency from the internet or get references from your friends or family members, you should try to get answers to the above questions. Educate yourself and make the right choice of hiring the best professionals in Calgary. You can also search the social media channels for reputed companies locally. Check the local service review sites for such concrete companies to help you. Once you conduct interviews of the professionals, compare them, and select to hire reputed and reliable agency that can provide high quality services at affordable prices

Review the quotes

Compare the quotes received from multiple agencies and make the right choice. You cannot make the choice based on price alone. Be careful while selecting a contractor that quotes the lowest price as there are chances that low quality materials may be used. You can ask the professionals about the quality of materials that would be used so that you know what you are paying for. Look at the project time frame too. It is important to hire someone who can complete the job quickly without comprising on quality. Consider all the pros and cons and make the right choice when it comes to hiring concrete company in Calgary. 

Ask for references

It can be a good idea to ask the concrete companies Calgary to provide you with some past or existing client references so that you can contact them and get an idea about the type of services delivered to them. Talk to the clients and get to know whether they are completely satisfied with the kind of services provided by the contractors.

Whether you need help with concrete installation or maintenance, make sure that you get the best value for money. Enjoy your concrete driveway or backyard patio for several years together by hiring the best concrete contractors in Calgary.

Questions To Ask Prior To Hiring A Kitchen Renovator

When renovating, you can avoid serious problems with contractors with planning and insight, and by asking prospective contractors a short series of questions that will lead you to hiring the right person. It’s important to remember that anytime you are having kitchen renovations Calgary done or have a work crew into your home, you are opening up an important space to these people, and you need to find professionals that can respect your home, respect you and respect the work that they’re doing on your behalf.

Kitchen Renovations Calgary

1) The first question you can ask a contractor is: do you have any references? 

You want to know right away if the contractor is going to provide testimonials and access to some of his previous work. A good contractor will be eager to hook you up with his references, and show you what he has done in the past, because a good contractor will have a clean track record, a reputation for doing quality work at affordable prices, and will have nothing to fear from being completely transparent about past work.

2) Next, arrive at a budget and talk with your contractor about it.

It’s good to start having discussions with your potential contractor about things like your budget and the design-plans that you might have, as this will begin to establish a working relationship between the two of you, enabling a collaborative atmosphere to be fostered and improving the chances that everything goes well between you. Pay attention to how receptive your contractor is “teaming up” with you on things like this. The easier it is to have these talks the better.

3) Start working on timelines.

Good contractors are oriented around their schedules, and know how to accurately estimate how long a job is going to take. While there is always room for a little flexibility, it’s satisfying to have a timeline set up so that you can track the progress of the work, and can know when things are going to take shape inside your home.

4) Ask about warranties.

It’s best if the kitchen renovations Calgary are warrantied, and most contractors shouldn’t have an issue with this. Nevertheless, so that you’re protected, it’s crucial to ask, not just about the work at large, but about the warranties that come with specific materials and how long you can expect things to hold up.

5) Permits.

If the size of your kitchen renovations Calgary project is particularly large, you’ll need to ask your contract whether or not permits are necessary, and if so, if he’ll have an easy time securing one. The laws are different depending on the city that you live in. Calgary has recently instituted new land use bylaws which means contractors have got to be up-to-date on all the recent developments.

So long as you take time to do careful planning, and make whoever you hire your partner in realizing the success of your kitchen renovations Calgary, the entire process should progress easily. Have the self-discipline to stick to your plans, to interview all prospective contractors, and to see the job through to the end. You’ll quickly find that things are going your way.

Metal Stamping

Prototyping and Project Development

In the area of metal fabrication and toolmaking, project development is the process that transitions a concept from the initial design phase through to fabrication and finishing. There is often the initial identification of a requirement that needs to be explored. Whether this is simply a concept, or if it is based on a product that already exists, it will require a suitable process of design. It is possible to make sure that the item is developed in a way to reduce any potential problems with manufacturing before the production starts.

If you are working with a fabrication business, it is important to form a collaborative relationship with open communication. The development of the concept and the associated specifications that need to be met must be clear to ensure that the final product will meet requirements.

Advanced Design Software for Toolmaking

The use of advanced design software for toolmaking will ensure that there are many elements that are able to be considered as part of the design work to prevent problems arising later in the project development activity. It is also possible to view the item in three dimensions, which will ensure that the appearance is able to meet expectations.

There can be a lot of issues associated with the industrial design and the effectiveness of an item. A simple way to consider many of these is to build a prototype. This will allow for the design to be assessed, the materials used to be considered, and to test that the item is functioning as was anticipated. By having a suitable capacity to test the prototype, it is possible to ensure that its ability to function appropriately in the required environment will be confirmed. Where there are problems identified with the design, it will be possible to go back to the electronic formats and make suitable adjustments quickly.



Budget Requirements and Quality Control

Another consideration will be that there needs to be a transfer of the prototype development to the manufacturing environment. There needs to be an assessment of the cost associated with the manufacture and the types of materials being used. By having a clear process associated with budget requirements and specific quality and operational requirements, it is possible to ensure that the item will be produced at a suitable cost.

By using skilled industrial designers, and an organisation with experience in working through the project development process from concept to final production, there is a much better chance of achieving the result you want with fewer delays and problems occurring during the process.

There is a great deal of responsibility associated with this type of activity and maintaining quality standards becomes very relevant. Having a dedicated quality control resource will ensure that standards are met and that it is possible to have confidence in the production monitoring and quality control processes.

Contact us today

If you would like more information about project development in the toolmaking environment, then speak to one of our professional advisers at Metal Form Group by calling (03) 9763 8000 today. We are able to take you through the process that we follow and provide you with information about the projects we have worked on and the advanced skills, technology, and equipment that we utilise in our work.

Small Business Accountants in London

We provide expert accounting advise, training, bookkeeping support for contractors, business start-ups and business accounting, recordkeeping and tax planning services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses. Having more than 20 years of combined experience in the field we the Small Business Accountants Near London have been helping self-employed, small business owners, contractors, opulent individuals taxpayers with extensive accounting and taxation services which are helping them with their financial growth.

Our Extraordinary Services

We provide expert accounting and taxation services and have a large number of satisfied clients spread across the UK. We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Limited Company accounts
  • Contractors accounting services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Tax returns
  • Year End accounts
  • Self-Assessment

With the help of our professional accounting services, you will be placed to grow your small business tax accountant north perth and can extensively reduce your tax expenses because our professionals have the updated knowledge that is required to deal with all rules and regulations of HM Revenue and customs. We can guarantee you peace of mind and save your time and money which you can then utilize on the growth of your business. We can support you with the best online accounting and taxation software.

small-business-accounting BK

Customized Solutions

We know that every business is different that is the reason our fastest growing firm provides you with accounting solutions which are designed to fulfill your accounting needs only that means you only have to pay for the services which you actually require.

Cloud-Based Accounting Solutions

With the passage of time technology has advanced and as we are adapt to technology, our professionals are specially trained to provide cloud-based accounting solutions to our customers throughout the spread of London. Small Business Accountants in London are brilliant accounting support providers, the moment a client hits a problem and reports to our agile team, they solve the issue within minutes through cloud-based accounting software and solutions.

Trustworthy Administration

We provide trustworthy accounting and tax administration for your business. From self-assessment to limited company accounts we are amazing handlers of all the requirements for your business. You can hire our services in multiple ways. You can dial our provided number or can email us. Another way to contract with us is to fill the short form, leave your contact details here and our representative will shortly call you back with an amazing quote.

Why You Need To Travel Security Services?

Explorer Travel Security provide counter surveillance and protective surveillance services throughout the globe utilizing a small specialist team of highly experienced ex UK Government surveillance operatives with years of experience in counter-terrorism, espionage and criminal operations. We provide a range of travel risk management solutions for organizations, groups, and individuals. Our planning and implementation of numerous protective and risk management strategies enable us to offer tailored solutions to client’s requirements. We also operate with a specialist low profile executive protection and counter surveillance team.

Mark Deane – Managing Director

Mark Deane, B.A. (Hons) is a travel risk management and security specialist whose experience stems from his role working as an Operational Officer for British Intelligence, serving in a multitude of sensitive operations in counter-terrorism and espionage.

During his career, Mark has planned and managed numerous security and surveillance operations at both a government and corporate level. Within the field of risk management and security, his clients in the corporate world have included a Fortune 10 company, HNWI’s, the oil and gas industry and multinational organizations.  He is an experienced team leader and project manager who leverages years of counter-terrorism, security and travel risk management experience to deliver a range of unique services precisely adapted to meet client requirements.


A sound operational knowledge is complemented with his in-depth experience of training and instructing in a range of subjects, having designed and implemented training courses for a clientele that include special forces units, government agencies, multinational organizations, and civilians.

Mark has worked, travelled and trained in six continents of the world and visited over 45 countries, and as Managing Director of Explorer Travel Security Services (ETS) Mark brings a fresh approach to the travel risk management market. He designed the ETS Protective Pyramid system to provide clients tailored security services with a focus on low profile methodology coupled with protective intelligence, accurate security assessments, sound risk management procedure and strong customer relationship management.

Objectives are achieved through his extensive global network and close-knit workforce – all of whom he has worked with personally. Complemented by his passion for travel and adventure Mark ensures We are dedicated to the safety and security of businesses, organisations, and individuals throughout the globe.


Know How To Robust Travel Risk Management Program Work?

Meeting duty of care requirements is a complex process to navigate for any organization with employees who are traveling overseas on company business. Understanding what measures one can take to manage risk to an acceptable standard remains a considerable challenge. Now, more than ever in our volatile world, the question arises: how best to meet this legal obligation?

The GEBIR Principal Identifies the Five Key Components of a Travel Risk Management (TRM) Program:

  1. Ground Truth
  2. Education
  3. Briefings
  4. In-Country Support
  5. Response


Ground Truth

It is vital to obtain a comprehensive threat overview of all international locations where travel will be conducted. Accurate risk assessments and country security risk reports will provide a more informed and balanced decision-making capability regarding operational security concerns.

Security risk reports provide the organization with a comprehensive understanding of what we refer to as “Ground Truth” – knowing the risks of the area of operations – country, region, and locale. Documents should be user-friendly, relevant and up-to-date. Situations change rapidly and timely intelligence will provide detail on current and future anticipated threats.


Provide personnel with the tools and knowledge to minimize and mitigate personal travel risk. Travel safety and situational awareness is a vital cog in the TRM machine. Risks can be significantly reduced with the sensible application of basic personal security methodology. It is often the most cost-effective and efficient method of significantly improving the safety of individuals or groups abroad. Any training should provide an auditable trail that personnel completed the necessary steps prior to departure to minimize the risk of litigation.


Prior to any travel, the individual traveling should be fully aware and conversant with the environment they will be visiting, as well as the threats and risk of those threats. To avoid the risk of litigation, it is vital that any individual’s travel goes ahead willingly and with “eyes wide open.” To ensure this, any organization should supply, or provide access to a country briefing to an individual or group prior to departure.

In-Country Support

The provision of the necessary protective and personal safety support when your travelers are in-country should involve, but not be limited to, two categories:

The biggest risk to any traveler in a foreign country is a vehicular accident. Further, most robberies, abductions, and violent opportunistic crime occur in or near a vehicle. It is therefore essential that journey management plans are prepared and rigorously enforced. Trusted and vetted suppliers of drivers and vehicles must be a priority. A reliance on taxis and ride-share services has led to multiple issues for organizations throughout the world.

Private transportation significantly alleviates risk to individuals abroad. The risks of express kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault are significantly reduced if travelers do not have to hail taxis from the street or utilize public transport.

  • Security

In some countries, the use of Executive Protection may be required to manage individual and group security. Executive protection is no longer a service for the rich and famous. The modern professional “bodyguard” acts in an enabling role, facilitating the movement of executives through the plethora of risks that exist.

  • Response

The final part of the GEBIR principal is contingency planning. If an emergency incident occurs police and national emergency medical services are often inadequate, overwhelmed, or non-existent. There must be a pre-identified and rehearsed service in place to ensure the effective and timely response to an emergency.

There are Three Components to Response:

1. Communication – The benchmark is to be able to identify the exact location of your employees and be able to effectively communicate with them within 15-20 minutes of an incident occurring.

2. Crisis Management – Being able to react immediately and effectively. This requires the design and implementation of plans and processes, to be complemented by the introduction and training of a crisis management team.

3. Emergency Evacuation or Hibernation Plans – These should be a structured and practical guide for the organization to identify and respond to executing a full or partial evacuation of personnel from operational locations, or hibernate in-situ until the situation changes.

The moral arguments for a solid TRM plan are obvious, but there is now a growing recognition both in the courts and with potential plaintiffs that breaches of duty of care occurring abroad can be heard in U.S. courts. The number of cases being presented has increased, and employment lawyers are particularly alert to the issue.

Original Source

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Xorix – Premiere Offshore Outsourcing Company

Welcome to Xorix, your online provider for the ultimate in virtual and software outsourcing company. From SME clients, E-commerce businesses and offices worldwide…we are an extension of your business, the one that thinks outside the box!

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Your company needs not only qualified but educated staff to stay on top and we have access to the best. xorix has that, as well as a substantial range of software outsourcing company.

Xorix believes to be successful with your clients it is still important to keep a blended support service.   “We can’t forget that even though we offer ‘virtual services‘ that constant communication with the client, whether in person, through a phone conversation, or a tablet, is vitally important.


Globe Life Insurance Review – 4 Things You Need to Know

The only things sure in life are death and taxes. Thus, it is important to have a life insurance policy to help your family in the event of your passing.

Unfortunately, not all insurers are created equal. For example, Globe Life Insurance Company is widely known for sending offers for policies that only start at a dollar or some other low figure. In the end, this seems to be some sort of gimmick in which they begin a premium low and raise the monthly rate considerably later.

Keeping that in mind, here are four things you need to know before purchasing a policy from Globe Life Insurance.

#1: You Get What You Pay For in Terms of Service

One draw for consumers is that Globe Life Insurance Company offers low rates and an easy questionnaire process. However, according to Consumer Affairs, that firm has a meager 2.5 star rating. While there are a few positive reviews on this website, they generally tend to be from people who have not yet had to use their benefits and are still making timely payments. It seems that most of the negative issues stem from incidents when beneficiaries try to collect on a policy, which is when any life insurance company should be providing their best service.

This has led to consumers turning to local Department of Insurance (DOI) boards in several states, including California where there is a list of substantiated complaints against Globe Life. Some of the published reporting includes a lack of customer satisfaction.

#2: Death Benefits May Not Be Immediately Available

When a loved one passes, the first reaction is usually shock and grief. But shortly after, a monetary need to pay for the funeral or other final expenses usually comes up and this is when the life insurance company is contacted.

All over the internet, there are multiple examples of Globe Life Insurance Company failing to pay a death benefit without a lengthy waiting period or even at all. The company’s bogus reasoning for non-payment of claims is hurting some families according to reports.  According to reports,  Globe is denying paying claims if the person is either in ill health at the time the policy is taken out or the policy is too new, or another bogus reason that leaves a devastated family scrambling during a time of need.

This has led to multiple complaints, including some with government agencies. However, the company is usually found in favor because they hide this fine print in their policy contract agreements. Often policyholders fail to read their policy carefully enough or even at all.


#3: There’s Usually an Age Limit & Health Condition Does Matter

Another reason why Globe Life Insurance usually gets bad reviews is that there’s usually an age limit on their policies. However, they still continue to market to seniors who have long since passed this benchmark. In fact, some consumers are completing the application process before finding out they’re not even eligible in the first place. Talk about frustrating!

Others are dutifully filling out the application forms only to find out later they don’t qualify.  Their  having a minor health condition or other lifestyle factor immediately disqualified them. Many of the Globe Life Insurance reviews online actually cite this scenario. This is leading some to believe that the process is actually commonplace.

#4: There Are Many Other Viable (and Better) Options Available

Unlike death, life insurance policies are not one size fits all. That’s why it is incredibly important to work with an independent agent to determine the financial needs of your family.  For example, a single female parent in their late-twenties has her own unique needs. It’s something entirely different than a couple on the brink of retirement. And that’s part of the issue with Globe—they treat each policyholder the same right up until it really matters, when a death occurs.

Many people purchasing policies from Globe Life are now finding out that it isn’t what they thought. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to serve your insurance needs including showing you all the other available options.  We treat each of our clients like family, helping them find the coverage they need without a huge hassle. Contacting our knowledgeable and courteous life insurance team today is the right move. We’re looking forward to helping you obtain the coverage you need to protect your family.

security transportation

What Is Surveillance Detection?

Minimizing Kidnap Risk

Hostile surveillance detection is one of the few security techniques that preempts danger. As the name suggests it is the art of identifying an individual or group that is attempting to obtain intelligence by placing your client under surveillance. Its main advantage as a security tool is that it is proactive rather than reactive.

The global kidnap industry is booming and no longer is the focus predominantly on Latin America. It is prevalent throughout the world and for a successful kidnap, hostiles will normally conduct some degree of pre-attack intelligence gathering. The early and covert identification of this intelligence gathering by security teams can significantly minimize the risk of kidnap.

To provide a professional security service it is imperative that security teams and the ‘at-risk’ individuals themselves learn how to identify the signs that may precede an attack. By identifying a threat early, and pro-actively working in unison to increase awareness, the risk of a successful kidnap is drastically reduced. The preemptive action and early identification of possible hostile intent allow a security team to remove the client from danger or deter and disrupt the potential attackers.

Scoping for Opportunity

Why would kidnappers put a person or group under surveillance prior to an attack? What would the hostile surveillance teams be trying to achieve? Business executives when planning strategy utilizes the SWOT analysis model. This same model can be engineered to help identify what hostile individuals or groups will be looking for.

SWOT Analysis

By identifying a target’s Strengths and Weaknesses, the hostiles will then be able to identify their own Opportunities and Threats. This intelligence-gathering model will help them answer the following questions:

  1. Can we kidnap our target?
  2. How can we kidnap our target?
  3. When could we kidnap our target?
  4. Should we kidnap this target?

Point four identifies that the hostiles may want to carry out the kidnap but realize that it is a hard target and therefore not worth the risk, OR as can be seen in the case study below, they may just adapt their attack and exploit the weaknesses they have identified.

In March 1978, Former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was being driven to work in a two-car motorcade in Rome, accompanied by five bodyguards. His Motorcade was ambushed and eleven members of the Red Brigade terrorist group ambushed him. As the motorcade approached a stop sign a car pulled in front and stopped suddenly. Moro’s car was following too close and struck the car, then Moro’s follow vehicle, also traveling too close, rammed into Moro’s car pinning his vehicle with no chance of immediate escape.

Two men got out of the blocking vehicle and shot with pistols through the front side windows of Moro’s car killing his driver and bodyguard. Concurrently, a second attack element consisting of four men dressed in Air Italia uniforms that were stood on the pavement as if waiting for a bus pulled weapons from their flight bags and proceeded to fire at the remaining bodyguards. A third attack element of two terrorists jumped out from behind bushes (possibly within a car) and pulled Moro from the car and put him into a waiting vehicle. The terrorists then escaped with preplanned and strategically positioned vehicles.

The whole operation lasted no more than 30 seconds, involved eleven terrorists who fired between 80 and 90 rounds and killed five bodyguards. Yet the build-up and preparation were far more detailed and time-consuming.  Through prolonged covert surveillance and potentially a mix of human intelligence sources the terrorists had identified the strengths and weaknesses of Moro and his security team and utilized these to focus on the opportunities and threats.

The terrorists identified a pattern of life and common route that Moro and his team used. They had also noted that the drivers of both his motorcade drove too close to each other and tailgated other vehicles and the Red Brigade planned to exploit that. They also noted that many airline personnel lived in the area of attack so adopted the air uniforms for cover. The terrorists did several other things that would have been gained through intelligence gathering operations. They slashed the tires of the flower vendor whose normal place of work was near the attack site, telephone lines were overloaded during the attack and vehicles were positioned for a getaway.

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding his capture and detention, whatever the true story, fifty-five days after his abduction Aldo Moro was found shot to death in the trunk of a car in Central Rome. It is interesting to note that according to later terrorist declarations, in the months before the kidnapping they had instead envisaged the possibility of kidnapping another leader, Giulio Andreotti. This was abandoned once they deemed that Andreotti’s police protection was too strong.

Sourced from: Just2Seconds: Using Time And Space To Defeat Assassins. 2008, Gavin De Becker, Tom Taylor and Jeff Marquart.

This case study identifies how focused surveillance can be utilized to identify and exploit weaknesses and enable efficient and successful attack planning, even against a defended ‘hard’ target such as a Former Italian Prime Minister.


Intelligence Gathering

Just as the Red Brigade terrorist group did in the case study, hostiles will be trying to gather as much intelligence on the target’s pattern of life as possible, asking themselves the following questions and many more:

  • Is there security, are they aware, are they armed, are they any good?
  • How do they travel and by what means? Do they drive, what do they drive, is it armored?
  • Do they have good travel security in place?
  • What routes do they take to work, events, school? Do they vary routes?  Are they forced to take the same routes?
  • Do they have a family, is there family an easier target?
  • Are they creatures of habit? Is there a pattern forming? If so what is the pattern? What are the weaknesses?
  • Do they have employees, can we use them, can they provide us information, can we corrupt them?

The hostiles, however, must have the capability to gather this information, it cannot just be plucked from the air. Where intelligence gathering and surveillance operations come into play, there are always limitations.

Capability and Limitations

The quality and type of hostile surveillance can vary greatly, it may be quick and basic observations by untrained and opportunistic gangs looking for the best time to strike, or it could be professional, criminal organizations carrying out effective and focused intelligence gathering prior to a kidnap or assault.

There are of course a number of potential limitations to a hostile surveillance team, these will affect the quality and capability of the surveillance. Examples of limitations are:

  • Training
  • Capability
  • Resources – Human and Technical
  • Finances
  • Environment

All the above factors will determine how capable a group is of carrying out effective and covert surveillance without detection, whilst still obtaining all the necessary information.

Many terrorist and criminal organizations may not have the technical and practical expertise to carry out a high level of surveillance that is required to defeat good anti and counter surveillance procedure. They may only have one or two people with limited skills and resources to observe their target compared to the ten or twenty that a government team has available.

Numbers do not necessarily mean results though, a team of three well-trained surveillance operatives with time and resources would be able to glean a surprising amount of intelligence, perhaps even within a few days. Specifically, when dealing with high-risk clients it must always be taken into account that a hostile group may in-fact have a good capability and a small professional team with time, patience and resources.

The large range of limiting factors will, however, normally provide the security transportation team a much greater chance of identifying hostile surveillance, but two major factors must be taken into consideration. The first is that terrorist and criminal organizations normally have time and dedication on their side. They can pop in and pop out, they can choose their times and methods, they can also utilize human sources and agents. All the time slowly building up their intelligence picture. The second and most important to acknowledge and understand though is that accurately and covertly identifying surveillance is far from easy.

Skills and Drills

There are two factors that must be taken into account when dealing with hostile surveillance detection:

  1. The skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the person or group carrying out the hostile surveillance.


2. The skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the person or group carrying out the anti and counter surveillance.

If there is a major gap between either of these then one side will falter.

Whilst attempting to identify hostile surveillance it is important that tactics are undertaken to a high standard, but also covertly. This is just one of the reasons why intensive training and specialist counter surveillance teams should always be considered, especially for high-risk clientele. Whatever the level of hostile surveillance being conducted, whether it be rudimentary or highly professional it is important that hostile surveillance does not realize that anti and counter-surveillance measures are in place and being utilized. There are two main reasons:

  • If hostile surveillance is unaware of the counter-measures in place they are far more likely to make a mistake, use sloppy tradecraft or become complacent and therefore be identified easier and quicker.
  • If hostile surveillance becomes aware that they have been spotted it can lead to a number of possible actions including, impulsive behavior and an increased risk of action or attack. But, and this is more likely, they may just take a step back to then take two steps forward in the future, with better skills and resources. As we mentioned dedicated and professional teams will spot poor anti and counter surveillance early, they will drop out and only come back when they feel it is safe to do so.

It is clear that a hostile surveillance detection is a vital tool in trying to minimize the risk of kidnap. Those that wish harm on others, especially professional and dedicated terrorist or criminal organizations will strive to gather intelligence on their targets. With this intelligence, they will look to exploit the weaknesses of a target and turn these into opportunities for a successful attack.

Remember, if there is a gap between the skills, experience, knowledge, and resources of the hostile surveillance team and those of the security team, one side will falter.