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Learning To Drive and Find the Best Driving Instructors

For some, learning to drive in Queensland can be an absolutely terrifying experience; for others, it can be the most liberating thing they’ve ever done. In order to learn to drive in the Australia a learner driver must go through a series of stages, beginning with applying for a provisional driver’s license and culminating with a practical driving test.

driving lessons Oxley

How long it will take a new driver to learn to drive varies from person to person, but with a good Queensland driving instructor on average a new driver can expect to learn to drive on average in 20 weeks. The Driving Standards Agency in the Australia also reports that of the 2 million people who take their driving test each year, only 44% meet the standard pass grade and 50% pass their theory test.

The first thing a new driver must do is apply for a provisional driver’s license. In order to be granted a provisional driver’s license, the individual must be over the age of seventeen (unless you are currently receiving disability allowance, in which case you can begin at the age of sixteen). You must wait for your new provisional license to arrive before you can begin driving. The DSA usually takes three weeks to send off your license. These restrictions apply only to people looking to learn to drive a car or motorcycle. Further age restrictions apply to people looking to driver larger vehicles like trucks or buses.


Whether or not you have to take a theory test depends on the type of vehicle you wish to drive. If you currently drive a car but wish to begin driving a motorcycle then you must take a theory test; however, if you wish to upgrade your skills from, for instance, driving an automatic to driving a manual, then it will not be necessary to take the theory test again. There are two parts to the theory test: the multiple choice element and the hazard perception element. The pass mark for each section depends on the category of vehicle you wish to learn to drive.

For new learners practicing to drive a car, the pass mark is forty-three out of fifty for the multiple choice element, and forty-four out of seventy-five for the hazard perception element. The multiple choice element will consist of questions selected from a pool of over twelve hundred. Due to the high pass rate demanded of people taking this test, it is necessary to revise before taking this test – practice questions are available through the official CD’s provided by the DSA.

The Hazard Perception element consists of a series of clips where the learner must click upon spotting a “hazard”. A “hazard” is defined as outside interference that demands change the speed or direction of his or her vehicle. Again, the DSA provides a series of practice clips. The learner will be show 14 clips on the test day. The maximum you can score for each hazard clip is five.

The next step, upon passing you theory test, is to begin taking driving lessons Oxley with a reputable driving instructor. When looking for driving instructors it’s important to ask friends and relatives for references as not all driving instructors are created equal. Some driving schools have been known to offer lessons to more than one student at a time, and some instructors are not even qualified to the ADI standard but are actually still going through the training phase with their driving school.


What Will Be Your Most Effective Marketing And Promotional Strategies?

Fitness club and gym owners who care about their clients and want to best serve their needs can use data to make marketing decisions that bring new clients and improve services offered to existing clients. Data-driven marketing decisions are for Marketing For Fitness Businesses who believe in getting results through accountability and hands-on support.

Analyze Member Demographics


You can’t communicate with your audience effectively until you understand their identities, needs and wants. The simplest way to analyze member demographics is through a short survey that collects essential information about the clients. The survey can include questions about the members’ fitness goals, the services and training they view as essential and the obstacles they face in getting to the next level. The next step is to use the demographic data gathered from the members to respond to their expressed desires.[1]

Implement Google Analytics


You can use Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic and glean more information about the visitors to your site. Google Analytics can tell you the time that each user spent on a page as well as the pages they visited. In this way, you can separate the casual visitor from the potential client and create a statistical analysis of the most popular pages visited on the site to narrow down the most popular training and fitness services that clients and visitors are interested in.

Visualize The Story


If you need to extract and analyze data from more complex systems, some basic literacy in SQL and Python will go a long way. Python and SQL are quantitative modeling tools that can help you with data mining. This means that you will be able to create data categories and formulas, retrieve it, store it in a database and update it as the data changes. Having a big picture of the data can give you a more complete visualization of your consumer base.

Follow These Tips and Tricks While Looking For Landscaping Companies

Are you looking for the best landscaping companies in Calgary? Do you want to hire landscaping contractors around you for completing your backyard oasis? Have you always wanted a spacious deck or a patio in your backyard? A good landscaping companies Calgary can make all your dreams come true. If you want to install a stunning custom pergola or a pool house, discuss your options with a reliable landscaping professional and design a perfect solution for your backyard. There are several factors you need to consider while hiring the right landscape professional. Check the qualifications and make the right decision for the contractors. 

Here Is A Comprehensive Guide To Help You Hire The Ideal Contractor For Landscaping:

Determine Your Requirements

Before you start looking for the contractors, you should determine what exactly you want. Decide what landscaping service you’re looking for as different companies offer different types of services and so, you should start searching for companies that can cater to specific requirements as you may need. 

Get Detailed Quotes 

Never hire the first company you come across over the internet. You should try to collect multiple quotes and compare them. Most of the landscaping companies Calgary offer free quotes and time estimates to the clients based on their requirements by assessing the scope of work. Make sure that you get the scope of work in writing with a detailed breakdown of everything they will do. Ask the professionals to include the cost of material and labor also. 

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Examples Of Their Past Projects 

Before you hire any local landscaping company Calgary, ask them to provide you with samples of their past projects. A good reputed landscaping company would have a portfolio of the projects done for their past clients. They would show you the pictures of their work. Check the setup, theme, and style of the landscapes they have worked on. Does the style and theme fit your requirements? Does the design look appealing? 

Ask For References

You may ask the contractors to provide you with past client references so that you can contact them and find out what kind of services were delivered to them. Never hesitate to call them up and ask questions you may have in your mind. 

All you need to do is discuss your requirements and expectations with a reputed and reliable local contractor. You can show them magazines or download them from the web. Show them to the landscaper and get expert advice and suggestions. Clarify all the payment terms and conditions before hiring a contractor. Make sure that you get high quality service at affordable prices. Do some research over the internet and try to hire the best company for landscaping project. Ask the professionals since how long they have been into the business and hire someone who is experienced and fully bonded and insured. Sign a contract before hiring a contractor for landscaping project. 

Things To Consider While Talking To Concrete Companies

Finding the best concrete contractor may not be an easy task. There are a lot of concrete companies Calgary to help you get complete peace of mind. There are a lot of factors one should consider when hiring a concrete contractor in Calgary. If you want to get your project completed on time and within your budget, you should talk to a few professionals and check the following tips:

Do your initial research 

Prepare a list of reputed agencies in Calgary. Search the internet for experienced concrete companies Calgary and try to call them up personally. Ask the following questions and get the right answers before hiring the contractors:

  • Since how long have you been into the business?
  • What kind of services do you provide? 
  • How have projects have you worked on in the last 3 to 6 months?
  • What is your team size? What kind of skills do they possess?
  • Do you provide a warranty of the services?
  • Is your company licensed and insured?
  • What is a price quote?
  • What is the timeline for the project?
Stamped concrete

Whether you contact an agency from the internet or get references from your friends or family members, you should try to get answers to the above questions. Educate yourself and make the right choice of hiring the best professionals in Calgary. You can also search the social media channels for reputed companies locally. Check the local service review sites for such concrete companies to help you. Once you conduct interviews of the professionals, compare them, and select to hire reputed and reliable agency that can provide high quality services at affordable prices

Review the quotes

Compare the quotes received from multiple agencies and make the right choice. You cannot make the choice based on price alone. Be careful while selecting a contractor that quotes the lowest price as there are chances that low quality materials may be used. You can ask the professionals about the quality of materials that would be used so that you know what you are paying for. Look at the project time frame too. It is important to hire someone who can complete the job quickly without comprising on quality. Consider all the pros and cons and make the right choice when it comes to hiring concrete company in Calgary. 

Ask for references

It can be a good idea to ask the concrete companies Calgary to provide you with some past or existing client references so that you can contact them and get an idea about the type of services delivered to them. Talk to the clients and get to know whether they are completely satisfied with the kind of services provided by the contractors.

Whether you need help with concrete installation or maintenance, make sure that you get the best value for money. Enjoy your concrete driveway or backyard patio for several years together by hiring the best concrete contractors in Calgary.


What Is 3D Display Technology?

The Swiss holographic display company psHolix, is going public and I can get you a pre-listing discount.

So use the referral code “pshibo27”


psHolix AG is a Swiss company that has developed a technology which enables to view three-dimensional content on displays without the need of glasses. psHolix owns more than 50 patents worldwide, giving it a competitive edge in the global market. psHolix offers unique technical solutions for different product lines for all kind of displays, AR, VR and a technology that improves the autonomous driving systems providing more detailed and clear spatial information. psHolix expects to sell the technology to customers who integrate displays in their products but also to display manufacturing companies psHolix just won the price for the best holographic display technology in Korea, sponsored by Samsung.

The company is in ongoing discussions with companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Dell, etc psHolix is the second company which will be launched on the Hybse exchange. The first one (medical cannabis) was sold out within days.

Interested parties can register on

The fundraising starts on the 28th of October.

There is a pre-listing discount:

Period 1 (20% discount): October 28 – November 10

Period 2 (15% discount): November 11 – November 24

Period 3 (10% discount): November 25 – December 8

Listing and live trading: December 9.


There is no minimum investment sum. Investments can be done via bank transfer, debit card, credit card and Bitcoin.

Retail Giant Announce Partnership With Online Hellodrinks

We are very pleased to announce that as of 22nd October 2018, Online retail giant have entered into a partnership with Sydney based Irish-Australian startup

As part of the agreement, HelloDrinks will distribute Beer, Wine & Spirits from their Rosebery Warehouse to customers of Catch across Australia.

Partnership With Online Hellodrinks

Speaking to HelloDrinks Co-Founder & Director JP Tucker, he is thrilled, and incredibly proud to partner with such a major Company in Catch, what they have done to date has been nothing short of amazing, and with their recent purchase of a new state of the art Warehouse in Melbourne shows their intent to continue their growth.

HelloDrinks is not just an online Bottleshop, but a technology startup alcohol afterpay, as in this case we are able to easily connect with partner platforms to receive orders, and to easily route all our delivery information to their customers with a click of a button.

This is not the first partnership where we work with online Marketplaces, we also partner with other companies in this space. Most Suppliers have been very supportive of these partnerships, whilst others have decided to sit & wait and see what happens in the online space. As always, we are looking to grow our range, and always keen to grab a coffee or a beer with suppliers to discuss opportunities.

HelloDrinks offer delivery of Beer, Wine & Spirits to customers across Australia, with plans in place to launch same day delivery in the near future.

HelloDrinks Liquor Marketplace say thanks with exciting launch!

With summer fast approaching we are looking forward to a busy summer delivering drinks to events, and customers parties across the Country.

Questions To Ask Prior To Hiring A Kitchen Renovator

When renovating, you can avoid serious problems with contractors with planning and insight, and by asking prospective contractors a short series of questions that will lead you to hiring the right person. It’s important to remember that anytime you are having kitchen renovations Calgary done or have a work crew into your home, you are opening up an important space to these people, and you need to find professionals that can respect your home, respect you and respect the work that they’re doing on your behalf.

Kitchen Renovations Calgary

1) The first question you can ask a contractor is: do you have any references? 

You want to know right away if the contractor is going to provide testimonials and access to some of his previous work. A good contractor will be eager to hook you up with his references, and show you what he has done in the past, because a good contractor will have a clean track record, a reputation for doing quality work at affordable prices, and will have nothing to fear from being completely transparent about past work.

2) Next, arrive at a budget and talk with your contractor about it.

It’s good to start having discussions with your potential contractor about things like your budget and the design-plans that you might have, as this will begin to establish a working relationship between the two of you, enabling a collaborative atmosphere to be fostered and improving the chances that everything goes well between you. Pay attention to how receptive your contractor is “teaming up” with you on things like this. The easier it is to have these talks the better.

3) Start working on timelines.

Good contractors are oriented around their schedules, and know how to accurately estimate how long a job is going to take. While there is always room for a little flexibility, it’s satisfying to have a timeline set up so that you can track the progress of the work, and can know when things are going to take shape inside your home.

4) Ask about warranties.

It’s best if the kitchen renovations Calgary are warrantied, and most contractors shouldn’t have an issue with this. Nevertheless, so that you’re protected, it’s crucial to ask, not just about the work at large, but about the warranties that come with specific materials and how long you can expect things to hold up.

5) Permits.

If the size of your kitchen renovations Calgary project is particularly large, you’ll need to ask your contract whether or not permits are necessary, and if so, if he’ll have an easy time securing one. The laws are different depending on the city that you live in. Calgary has recently instituted new land use bylaws which means contractors have got to be up-to-date on all the recent developments.

So long as you take time to do careful planning, and make whoever you hire your partner in realizing the success of your kitchen renovations Calgary, the entire process should progress easily. Have the self-discipline to stick to your plans, to interview all prospective contractors, and to see the job through to the end. You’ll quickly find that things are going your way.

8 Common Business Card Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Business cards hold a lot of power when it comes to marketing your company’s services. Let Calgary Economy Printers help you avoid these common business card mistakes and turn them into true lead magnets.

This 2 x 3.5 inch rectangle lingers after meetings with potential clients, as a reminder that you offer what they are seeking.

Help them remember by avoiding these common business card mistakes:

  1. Don’t stray from your company’s already existing brand and style. Design your card to reflect the graphics and colors on your website, company letterhead, and other marketing materials. Consistency [1] is most effective.
  2. Don’t use fancy fonts and colors for your name and contact info. You want potential clients to get a hold of you, right? Make sure important information on your business cards Calgary is legible and easy to find.
  3. Don’t forget about the space on the back of the card. This is the perfect space for your company’s one line pitch, or a few bullet points about your services.
  4. Don’t believe that bigger is better. Business cards are meant to be carried in a standard size wallet, or card holder. Getting overly creative will get your card lost. Stick to the common 2 x 3.5 inch size.
  5. Don’t use poor quality thin paper to save on the price. Your business card reflects your business and opting out for cheap paper will imply your own quality of work is cheap, as well. Instead, seek out printing services like, Calgary Economy Printers, where we offer inexpensive printing options along with quality work.
  6. Don’t use 10 different kinds of colors in order to catch attention. You want your business card design to flow by accenting your company’s logo. Stick to no more than four colors.
  7. Don’t use common clip art for your logo. Respectable printing companies such as, Calgary Economy Printers, will help you locate an original design that is all yours.
  8. Don’t place text and logos too close to the edge of your card. Any tearing or folds will make important information warped. Graphic alignment is key to a card that is well balanced, and professional looking.

Calgary Economy Printers is your one stop shop for all your business card design, and printing needs. We know all the dos and dont’s when it comes to creating affordable business cards and marketing materials including full color business cards.

Avoid These Common Business Card Mistakes and Turn Your Business Cards Into Powerful Lead Magnets.

How Do You Politely Quit A Job?

Let’s get real. Most of us have fantasised about walking into our boss’s office, saying “I QUIT!”, marching out the door, never to return. And, yes, I’m sure it would feel darn good. But, no matter how ready you are to leave, it’s crucial to stay professional and gracious. While you may never work for the company again, the world can be very small when it wants to be.

So, if you’re ready to move on to bigger and better experiences, here are our top tips to help you close one door and open another with style.

1. Be 100% sure

If you’ve accepted a new job offer (congratulations!) make sure you’ve signed the new contracts or at least had a letter of offer before you quit your job. And, don’t just ‘take their word for it’. Make sure you have all the agreements in writing.

If you’re simply quitting because it’s time for a fresh start, make sure your professional resume writing services is professionally updated and reflects your latest achievements and experience. Also, update your LinkedIn profile so it’s polished and tailored to the industry you want to work in. Not sure how? We can help.

2. Tell your boss first 

How to tell your boss “I quit”

Show courtesy and respect by telling your boss first. Request a meeting and do professionally, just as you did when you interviewed for the role. Before the meeting, prepare what you want to say. Think about what you’re grateful for, what you’ve learned and why you’ve chosen to move on to the next chapter in your life. It’s also important to put yourself in your bosses shoes and understand they will be thinking forward to the potential impact your departure has on the business. Ease these concerns by confirming you’ll do everything you can to ensure a smooth transition to minimise any disruption.

3. Don’t gossip

No matter how close you are with your team, respect your boss by not telling your colleagues and clients until it’s formally announced. This may take time, so bite your tongue and be patient. It’s their news to tell, not yours.

4. Stick to your contract

If the resignation period is two or four weeks, make sure you see it out in a professional manner i.e. not calling in sick. While your new employer may be pushing you to start ASAP (as many of them do), make it clear that you respect your current employee contract and will start with them when you can. And don’t worry about your new employer changing their mind, this demonstrates you are both loyal and professional and a good employer will respect this.

5. The letter

Keep your letter short and professional. Avoid giving lots of explanations for why you’re leaving or where you’re going. And don’t use it as a chance to tell your boss what you really think, either. Be gracious and thankful. Article Source

Here’s a guide to get you started:

  • Dear [name]
  • I’m writing to formally resign from [insert role] at [insert company’s name]. 
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would particularly like to thank you for…[insert career building opportunities, projects you loved etc.] 
  • I will do everything I can to complete current projects and assist where possible in ensuring a smooth handover. 
  • According to the terms of my contract, my last day will be [insert date].
  • I have greatly enjoyed working with/for you and hope our paths will cross again in the future (optional). 
  • Kind regards / Yours sincerely 
  • [Your name]

6. Give yourself a ‘breather’ 

If you know you’ll be flat out finishing up your current job, give your new employer a start date that’s one week after you finish up in your job. Changing jobs is a big strain on our bodies and on our life. We’re usually working late, trying to please everyone, and constantly thinking about the ‘next phase’. Having a week to recoup allows time to relax, reflect and get ready for the new job, mentally and physically. You also don’t know when your next holiday will be, so don’t feel guilty and enjoy the time off.

7. Rise above the naysayers 

We’ve all love our colleagues to be supportive of our new job, but sometimes this just isn’t the case. If you’re dealing with a line manager or direct reports who are making your life difficult, rise above them. It’s not productive to waste your energy trying to change their minds.

driving lessons gold coast

Steps to Survive Defensive Driving School

It can be almost impossible for anybody to make a judgment in the quality of a driving school by simply looking at their internet site or car, therefore we offer you a money back guarantee.
We’re a completely independent organization that works with 100’s of localized driving instructors who you will be pleased to learn to drive with.
As the driving instructors we use are extremely confident with their skills and expertise we’re able to say to you, “if you do not like the lesson we will repay you”

All you have to do is phone our office and we will find you a local instructor to match your requirements.

You may want an instructor at the weekends, what about a female driving instructor, or you want to pass rapidly.
They are all needs that happen to be personal to you and we will get you the most suitable approved driving instructor.

If after the first driving lesson you’re not completely satisfied and don’t wish to stick to the instructor we can either refund you or help you find a new driving instructor, it’s your option.

How to Save Over Driving Lessons

Would you like to save £500 on passing your driving test and getting your license? Let us show you how.
The first thing you must do is stay away from going for a special offer such as Ten hours for £99.

If you do not like the approved driving instructor it will be very hard work for you, and you may not learn a whole lot.

Many of these types of special deals possess terms and conditions which usually imply 4 or 5 hours are held back to the conclusion of the course.

Out of desperation you may give up, and stop taking Driving Lessons Gold Coast before you opt to find another school.

The DVSA state that the average amount of hours taken to complete the driving test is 47 using an approved driving instructor with another twenty hours on top of that from private training.

This average consists of many different types of learners and for that reason is distorted from exactly what can be achieved.
Frequent and regular driving lessons can help you center on your objective which in turn will support the speediness of your progression.

In case you are only having to take One hour a week or you are skipping weeks your training will be slow and you may need more hours overall.

And are you aware it costs somewhere around £200 a time when you fail your driving test?
So if you find an approved driving instructor who you like before you make a block reservation,
just take two hours of training weekly as a minimum, 4 hours whenever you can,
and go through help guide to passing your driving test the 1st time then you could save anywhere between £500 and £1000 on getting your driving license.

How to Pass Your Driving Test First Time

Each day our company is asked the question by beginner drivers regarding how to pass your driving test at the first try.

This is exactly what we advise you have to be carrying out many people flunk their test as they are not aware of exactly what the driving examiner is looking to get.

Most students will declare they have to show the driving examiner they’re a safe driver, that is acceptable, but what would you really mean by safe?
If you’re able to have an understanding of what it really is to be safe from the initial lessons then you’re really going to build up natural and good characteristics for the driving test.

Following the Highway Code as well as the legal aspects of driving is imperative.

Being conscious of your surroundings and being in the position to respond to that is vital.
At no time should you be in the situation where you may be not in 100% control of the vehicle.

Should you follow all of these 3 basic steps from the first driving lesson successfully completing the driving test will always be easier.
By simply putting these tips into practice from the start of your driver training, getting the driving license is likely to be easier.

When you begin the driving lessons the instructor will give you a syllabus of training.

The form you’re offered shows each of the techniques you’ll need to pass the driving test and also the form additionally scores your proficiency.

The highest technical proficiency you are able to reach is known as “independent” and that is when you’re able to carry out the technique without having help and for that reason sufficiently good for the driving test.

Prior to taking your driving test you will need to be on your driving lessons driving with no guidance or support from the driving instructor
You will not require anything at all or anybody else to state you are sufficiently good due to the fact now you possess the evidence you are able to drive without having assistance.

To achieve the best possibility of passing the driving test you must have had every one of these points ticked off.

Driving Lessons Gold Coast
Driving Lessons Gold Coast

Is The Approved Driving Instructor Accredited?

You have to be conscious that some driving schools will set you with a trainee driving instructor rather than somebody fully qualified.
A number of trainee driving instructors can be quite good, well-mannered and will work hard for you, nevertheless they don’t possess the full range of competencies – should you be notified of this?

You will have no fears here for the reason that we simply offer fully qualified driving instructors.

Exactly what will We Charge you?

On your very first driving lesson we look for £25 and that’s for a 2 hour driving lesson.

The local charge will be applied for the following driving lesson if you’d like to continue.
After we have matched up your requirements and determined the most effective driving instructor, we are going to needless to say provide you with their typical fees.

What Can Be Expected On Your Very first Driving Lesson?

You’re driving instructor will certainly phone before driving lesson to set up where to meet you.
Make sure you have, your provisional license to give the instructor, this is for their insurance cover
Your driving\ instructor is going to drive you to a vicinity clear of traffic very shortly you will find yourself switching on the engine, driving, and getting a good time.