5 Risks of Stem Cell Therapy to Consider

Many of the people seeking to visit our Princeton NJ stem cell therapy center here at Performance Pain will often inquire about the effectiveness of our stem cell therapy. However, it’s important to note that there are risks that come about when you undergo this sort of treatment. Below, we will cover 5 of the most important risks for you to keep in mind.

1. Stem Cells Moving Away

Once the stem cells are injected, there is a risk that they will move away to another part of your body. If this occurs, then they will likely not produce the results that they were supposed to give. This is due to the natural ability for cells in your body to move from location to location and can be difficult for the physician to control.

2. Cells Not Working as Expected

Even though we have proven again and again with tests and the scientific method that stem cells are a great way to treat various conditions in the body, there is always a risk that they don’t quite work as expected. Although these sorts of cases are few and far in between, keep in mind that the treatment might not go as smoothly as anticipated.

3. Growth of Tumors

There are still some concerns regarding how safe stem cells can be. This is because there have been cases of people who have grown tumors after receiving their stem cell therapy. Although the risk of this is low, the potential is still there. This is why physicians still don’t see stem cell therapy as a good first-choice treatment for various conditions.

4. Done with Compromised Medical Gear

In the medical industry, it is important to always use sterilized medical gear including new syringes. Although the likelihood of soiled gear being used for stem cell therapy is very slim, the possibility will always be present. Make sure to always do medical procedures with professionals that use sterilized gear in a top-quality medical setting.

5. Not FDA-Approved

If you want to visit our Princeton NJ stem cell therapy center or are considering doing business with another stem cell therapy clinic, make sure that the services that they offer are FDA-approved. There are many sorts of products and services with stem cells floating around that are not FDA-approved. At the moment, the only stem-cell-based products that are approved for use by the FDA are derived from blood. 

Thinking of Getting Stem Cell Therapy in New Jersey?

If you want to visit a Princeton NJ stem cell therapy center and receive access to one of the top growing forms of pain therapy in the world, we invite you to try out this therapy with the folks at Performance Pain. We will only use the highest quality of stem cells and conduct the procedure in the safest manner possible. Come see us today and discuss with out trained specialist whether or not this is the best option for your needs.