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Online Ticketing Systems

XL Center Box Office provides a powerful online ticketing solution for small to large events. Our goal is to put you in control from the start and give you complete control over all aspects of your event and box office. It’s also our goal to give you the most powerful system at the most affordable price. All clients use our system free of charge and we found our services by charging a very small fee (one of the lowest in the industry) attached as a service fee to each ticket sale. There are absolutely no hidden fees*.

Easy Setup:

Our ticketing system has been built from the ground up to put you in control and that starts with the signup process. When you’re ready to get started, simply signup on our site and you’ll be directed to setup your venue and your first event. You could be up and selling tickets within a matter of hours on your website. We have a money back guarantee as well. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days we’ll refund all service fees applied to your account.

online xl center box office tickets

online xl center box office tickets

Easy Customization:

Through the use of our easy to use online venue builder, we’ll give you control to setup and design your venue and seating layout. It works for reserved seating, general admission or a hybrid event layout. Our goal is to provide you with complete flexibility regardless if you’re selling general admission tickets to a backyard barbecue or you’re building out a stadium-sized show with complex reserved seating. The venue builder will allow you to have control over pricing, discounts, seating type, and obstructions, and it’s all linked nicely to your custom seating chart that you design and upload. Of course we’re available to help if you require some design wizardry.

Easy Management:

The online XL center box office tickets system we provide you with extensive control over your events. Setting up multiple events, auto-scheduling sale dates, managing seating discounts and reporting are all provided within a simple click of the mouse. You can sell tickets via your website or setup ticketing agents that have access to sell tickets through your box office or via locations around town.

You’re in Control of Your Money

At XL Center Box Office we want you to be in control of your own money. You simply provide your merchant account information through the interface and the system will process orders through your account. We do not have access to your account… and that’s the way we like it. If you are not currently setup with a merchant account we’ll help you on your way with instructions and recommendations. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible and you can even integrate services like and PayPal if you don’t want to get involved with a merchant account and the approval process. We’re always available for consultation and advice if you need it.

Flexible Delivery Options:

Online ticketing provides an easy way for you to sell tickets without the staff that is normally required to fulfill thousands of orders. Our goal is to help you cut costs and streamline your operations. When selling tickets via your website we provide many options including: print-at-home tickets, will call, ticketing fulfillment and mailing by XL Center Tickets, or you can print your own tickets and mail them yourself. You have complete control to define your own shipping and handling fees on each ticket order. There is an easy way to recover any costs involved with ticket fulfillment by your employees if you decide to do it all yourself. We’re here to handle it all for you if needed.


How to Find Good Online Payroll Services

Online Payroll Service is a service for large-scale organizations for the payment of salaries and taxes at the proper time, saving the time of the company employees. Nowadays payroll services are being offered in a number of countries and a number of ways. One of the ways for payroll services is over the internet.

How to create free pay stubs online? Payroll services are being offered by a number of organizations. The purpose of online payroll service is to help small-scale businesses which can’t outsource their payroll procedure due to lack of funds. Such services are helpful in saving time which can be utilized in the better performance of the company. Such service provides online assistance in any errors occurring.


A user has to give some time inputting data but once it’s done it is really time-saving and easy. An online payroll avoids costly error such as incorrect tax data or incorrect salary calculations avoiding large penalties. Before the service of such an online organization, a complete review by the company is given, helping the user to select the type of payroll service he wants. One of the major problems in pay dirt payroll services is that people are not aware of government’s tax policies as they are changing time to time. Such services keep the organizations well aware of the latest changes in the tax system, which results in the elimination of errors from a payroll system thus eliminating space for penalties.

Some of the factors to be carefully reviewed are the charges, help, and support being offered and the experience service provider in the field.


Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Overview:

The short assembly, 160lb weight stack Power BSG 10X home gym is among the best home gym 2011 series that is perfect for those looking to set up their own home gym equipment. Although the Power is not as high prestige as Bow and other high end home gym brands, the features of Power BSG10x home gym certainly prove to be competitive among its class. For about $877, you will get a best gyms fort Lauderdale that is not only packed with features but also of quality.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Features:

Power BSG10X comes with one hundred sixty pounds of selectorized stack, press bar and a chrome plated adjustable seat. This is also inclusive of low, mid, and high pulleys and leg developer although the leg press is not included and is available as optional attachment. However, the arm and leg developer station has eight position adjustable press which compensates for the lack of leg press that will still enable users to perform up to forty different exercises. And just like with other Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale of this class, the BSG 10X also uses a no change cable pulley system which allows user to continuously perform their workout without having to worry about changing cables when they transition from workout regimen to another. Other additional accessories include a forty eight inches lateral bar, AB crunch harness and a low row bar. And with a warranty of ten years, you certainly have the best product guarantee in the market.

best gyms fort lauderdale

best gyms fort lauderdale

The home gym comes in one box and it is almost assembled with ninety percent of its parts are already preassembled including all high impact resistant nylon pulleys as well as the 2200 pounds military spec, steel aircraft, tensile strength steel cables. So aside from excellent features, you will also find it easy to assemble your home gym using a simple nine-bolt process. The adjustable seat is also a plus advantage because it means that the BSG10X can accommodate users with different sizes.

The only downside to this is that the weight stack of BSG10X is not upgradeable. If you are planning to increase your weight, be sure to consider your options first before buying this home gym. If you are planning to use more than 160 pounds weight stack, you may consider your options with Power BSG10X Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Plus BSGLP. But for those who are not planning to exceed the 160 – pound stack, this compact system may just be ideal for you.

Best Gyms Fort Lauderdale Reviews – Power BSG10X Conclusion:

For less than $900, you get compact home gym equipment with Power BSG 10X short assembly. For a home gym of this class and price range, this is definitely one to own although not recommended for more serious body builders. But in general including its basic features and specifications, this home gym from Power offer something worth the money you will pay for it. And even if this is not in the class of Bow and other similar brands, the Power is gradually making a name in the home gym industry by offering quality products at affordable prices.

Mistakes to Stay Away From In eCommerce Web Design Toronto

There are tons of places to go online, and that makes it a little tricky to stand out from the crown. One thing that can be beneficial if you wish to accomplish this is to look at the various mistakes that can be made so you can avoid them. Below you are going to learn about these mistakes.

URLs that have too many words in them that are hard to remember aren’t recommended. People need a site name that they can remember and return to at a later time. Numbers need to be avoided as much as possible as well. Keep the site name short and sweet, and you’ll find that more and more visitors will come by. Word of mouth is how a lot of sites get spread to everyone so make sure it’s easy to pronounce too.

Scrolling text is not recommended, nor is blinking text. Animations need to be watched out for too. When too much starts going on within a website, it’s very irritating to the user because they can’t pay attention to the content they really came for. A logo that is animated is fine, or maybe a brief animation when the site loads, but really animations should be kept for videos people want to watch.

ecommerce web design toronto

ecommerce web design toronto

Make your site load in less than 15 seconds if at all possible. People get impatient after a few seconds so if your site is slow you may need to put less content on your homepage. If it still remains slow it may be time for a new hosting service that runs more smoothly. Videos and large amounts of images should be kept in separate sections of your site.

Sitemaps as well as good navigation need to be added. Sitemaps are directories of every single page your site contains, so make sure users have access to that. It also helps search engine crawling software to find and index all of your pages. Don’t make navigation too complicated so that people can find what they want quickly. Java or Flash menus shouldn’t be used unless you really need them because people may not feel like installing software to use your site.

Link colors should always be standard colors. One mistake you can make is to go off and forget that you made your links the same color as your text. Also, if the links are too hard to read before or after getting visited, they won’t be clicked. The everyday link colors are the easiest to use because people are used to seeing them everywhere. If you must make a link a special color, make sure you label around it with text that tells you it is a link.

Prior to spending a lot of money or time on ecommerce web design Toronto, you have to know what you can and cannot do for it to work out. The mistakes you went over are a great place to start learning ecommerce web design Toronto. By not doing these things, you will have more traffic and people that share your site worldwide!

Roadmap to Retirement: Retirement Advisor near Me

When it comes to preparing for one’s retirement it is important to understand it is never too early or too late to begin working on one’s financial future. Therefore, it is critical to utilize a retirement planning guide that helps the individual meet their financial goals for their golden years.

Specifically, in order to accomplish this objective, it is important to keep it simple. Accordingly, it would be prudent for an individual to secure an retirement advisor near me.

Consequently, it is important to know what an retirement advisor near me is and how to secure an easy retirement planning guide.

What Is an Easy Retirement Planning Guide?

retirement advisor near me

A retirement planning guide is a step by step instructional tool that provides the individual with training on how to prepare for their retirement. Specifically, a retirement planning guide is replete with sound saving strategies, practical suggestions on how to invest for the future, how much money the individual or couple may need to set as a goal, savings or retirement vehicles that are available, etc.

Additionally, so as not to be overwhelmed, it is important to take advantage of an easy retirement planning guide. Generally, an retirement advisor near me is defined as one that helps the individual with focusing in on goal setting, simply defining the various vehicles available to provide the maximum tax shelter for the individual or couple, additional resources that may be available, practical tips on maximizing retirement savings, etc.

Securing an retirement advisor near me

There are many resources available for the individual who wishes to secure an retirement advisor near me. Specifically, the best way to obtain an easy retirement planning guide is to utilize the Internet and do a word search on a search engine By typing in keywords such as easy retirement planning guide, retirement plan guide for seniors, planning your retirement, etc., the individual will be rewarded with a number of websites

Therefore, all the individual needs to do at this point is to go into those websites and read the documentation that is available. In addition, some of the information may be in a downloadable format such as a PDF or Word file. In addition, some websites may offer, at no cost, these planning materials to aid the individual in planning for their financial security. Some of the more trusted websites to utilize when accessing an retirement advisor near me would be those websites that have an extension of dot org or dot gov.

Shane Dubin Toronto wealth management executive with two decades of experience in the industry. He currently serves as Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Canaccord Genuity, having joined the firm in April 2018.

best whey protein with water

Ion-X Protein Water Drinks Australia

Protein drinks or beverages fortified with protein, have been used since the late 1960’s as supplements by those in bodybuilding or sports training circles. As can be seen below, (this product was a fish protein drink in a can). They progressed from actual meat and dried meat products in liquids (OMG), to soy and egg powders, then whey powders. Recently, protein drinks have been made using whey protein and water powder instead of milk. This reduces overall calories, reduces sugars/fats/carbs. They are more quickly digested than milk based protein water drinks.

Shown above (right), a Ready-to-go protein water drink from the 1960’s. Hard to stomach compared to the best protein water found today, ION-X Protein water (left).

Recommended daily allowances for protein are cited at 0.8g per kilo of body weight, however it is suggested that during strength training this doubles ( There is some debate about when to consume a protein drink in relation to exercise, (before, during, after). Some newer research suggests that timing may be less important than amount. (

In recent years, there has been a massive growth in protein supplements. Australian consumers are also the highest per capita purchasers of protein supplements in the world. Whilst the majority of these ready-to-go protein drinks are purchased within 45 minutes of training/exs, now a growing number (10-15%) are purchased for as snacks. (Vitaco Holdings, Bulking up, Oct 19, 2015).

protein water

protein water

The weight loss surgery patient/gastric sleeve surgery patient is now a leading player within this snack purchasing. According to an Australian Govt website, In 2014–15, there were about 22,700 hospital visits involving one or more weight loss surgery procedures. (

Use of a protein water drink product is highly indicated for gastric sleeve diet, or a liquid diet after gastric sleeve surgery. When considering a diet after gastric sleeve surgery, patients are recommended to look for 20-30g of high quality protein, less than 300 calories and less than 15g of sugars in a protein drink. ION-X protein water australia satisfies this by having 30g of the highest quality protein, 120 calories and less than 1g sugars.

Protein waters can be used closer to training than traditional milk based high carb protein drinks, or even during training. This is because they have less carbs and competition, essentially in the stomach. Some sports nutritionists and trainers are now recommending protein intake immediately before and during training. We are not recommending a protein water diet, however protein water can be a handy convenient source of food for those engaged in training.

Similar to the early days of traditional milk based protein drinks, protein water brands have had some problems. Many make bold and silly claims, (e.g., they are the most technologically advanced drinks in the world 😊), and all say they taste great. Astringency, or dry taste is a big problem for protein water drinks Australia. Simply mixing protein powder and water always results in a dry taste.  Only ION-X Protein water has managed to mask this dry taste.

The superior taste of the best protein water, ION-X Protein Water comes from using special natural flavourings and concentrated fruit extracts, playing with acidity, and a specialised heating & cooling process. We also spent a lot of time in researching the product. The other brands, including IsoPure and Bodiez simply throw in some sweetener with protein powder and water (which is why they taste the way they do). ION-X also uses an expensive highly processed whey powder with a higher percentage of protein, not a cheap protein powder like the other brands.

The best protein water drinks in Australia, are the ION-X Protein Water range. Of all the protein water brands it is universally acknowledged that ION-X is the only product that tastes anything like a normal drink. It is also rated as being “lighter” and not syrupy and not too sweet. When protein water brands are tasted by blind or unknowing tasters, ION-X Protein Water has never lost a single tasting. The difference is very noticeable.

Where to buy protein waters ? if you google protein water you will find many different, often new, companies selling protein water. Some companies are selling a cheap protein powder sachet to be mixed with water. The question is not where to buy protein water, but where to buy the best protein water.

John Brownhill is a Gold Coast based Clinical Psychologist and entrepreneur. He is the older brother of Tom Brownhill, former professional tennis player. John was born in Kempsey, country New South Wales, Australia. In his clinical practice, John specialises in Pain management and addictions.

On a hot day in 2015 after a gym session he realised he didn’t want to drink the chocolate whey drink he had previously purchased, he went home and mixed some protein powder with water, it tasted terrible. So, he went online and found a protein water product, “they said it tasted fantastic in their advertising,  but when I tried it, it was undrinkable”.

He saw an opportunity. However, finding a chemist able to mask the dry taste associated with protein waters and keep the sugars down was a challenge. “I promised myself I wouldn’t make a product like the protein waters I had tried, if I couldn’t improve I would stay home”, he says. John eventually found a food chemist that could do it, this chemist and his wife turned out to be valuable sources of information about the beverage industry and the business of manufacturing , “they are sometimes adult supervision”, he says.

Of course, getting manufactured and distributed was no easy matter. The supplements industry is often compared to the wild west. “I got ripped off by my first distributor”, he says. “I already had a good career, which was vey challenging on its own, so I had to ask myself some hard questions”.

John claims not to have any spare time, “but if I did”, he claims, “I would read and go to the beach with my niece Lucy”.

Protein fortified drinks, Protein drinks have been used in the context of physical training for decades. Modern protein drinks have a whey protein source. Some of the older protein drinks would not have been very nice to drink. Recently, protein water (water fortified with protein) products have become available.

Australian’s are considered the highest per capita consumers of protein supplements in the world, with most ready-to-go protein drinks being purchased within 45 minutes of exercise. There is some debate about when to consume a protein drink in relation to exercise, (before, during, after). Some newer research suggests that timing may be less important than amount.

There is recognition that during period of physical training protein requirements increase significantly. Additionally, there is recognition that use of a protein water drink product is highly indicated for gastric sleeve diet, or a liquid diet after gastric sleeve or weight loss surgery.

Protein water products have a number of advantages over milk based products. Protein waters can be used closer to training than traditional milk based high carb protein drinks, or even during training. This is because they have less carbs and competition for digestion.

An issue with protein waters is a dry taste called astringency. ION-X Protein Water is the only product that has managed to mask this. The superior taste of the best protein water, ION-X Protein Water comes from using special natural flavourings and concentrated fruit extracts, playing with acidity, and a specialised heating & cooling process. The company reports spending several years in research & development. ION-X Protein Water is considered significantly better than other protein waters on the market.


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Protein in Eggs

If you have ever been to a gym or you ever had any trainer assigned to train you for some sort of exercise you might have noticed he must be always recommending eggs in your diet. Is it so because it is the best tasting protein water or maybe it is cheapest source of protein? No, the major reason is he or she knows the importance of protein in eggs and eggs are the source of highest protein. Mostly the body builder’s main aim is to have some big strong looking muscles and the bulk protein available in eggs can really help their muscles to grow stronger. Egg whites can contain up to nine grams of protein and that’s why it is always a part of muscle gain diet.

protein water

protein water

Long ago when people had no access to the manufactured protein powders and used natural protein supplements which can build them strong, at that time even people used to eat foods with high protein like eggs. Even nowadays in protein waters there are different type of protein used and protein in eggs is highly valued as it considered to be one of the most amazing ingredient for them. While we are witnessing how much different sort of products are bombarded towards the athletes and body builders but yet there is no substitute of protein available in form of eggs. Still it is the cheapest protein available for the health workers who love to eat nutritious food.

The reason why eggs are considered to be the best ingredients in protein waters is because of the muscle gaining properties of protein in eggs. In the past the chickens were fed with a diet which tends to increase the cholesterol level in eggs but after several years of research and the new feeds made for the chicken made the cholesterol level very low. Now the average cholesterol level in chicken’s egg is 10-13% less than that of a decade ago. Many nutritionists at that time were skeptical over the cholesterol being found in the yolk of the egg and that’s why they often don’t recommended them to the body builders but if you are consuming any sort of protein water you don’t have to panic because protein used in them is only extracted from the egg is from eggs white which is rich with protein. The thinking of all those who thought about the percentage of cholesterol in eggs are burnt to grounds by several researches done who proved that cholesterol is not the part of eggs white.

Nature was always a gift of God for the human race and it has always accommodated us with all our needs. If you are using a protein water with egg protein than you must have already known all the benefits related to protein in eggs but if you are not using any such water than it is recommended for you to use eggs white in your diet to get the maximum strength for your body. It is not an expensive way to get yourself in a perfect shape as you might be spending a lot of money in other branded food supplements.


Hens night Sunshine Coast

The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide Part- 5

The Four Things Every Lady Needs At Her Hens Night

Topless Waiters

Topless Waiters are the must have of any Hens night Sunshine Coast, they are a lot of fun, great to look at, know lots of hens games, will provide fantastic massages and will serve you and your guests drinks all night! Which girl could ever say no to a hot guy handing you a cocktail?

Topless Waiters are very easy to organise, simply do a search locally for “Topless Waiters in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth/Gold Coast” for example and choose the top candidates appearing on the ads section of google – when you choose people participating in ads you know their sites are active because they are putting money into marketing – it verifies them somewhat, if you are actually coming from melbourne feel free to look into our John Parker Topless Waiters – we charge $130per hour with a two hour minimum, and only $110 per hour for 3 hours.[1]

bachelorette party packages

When booking topless waiters all that is required is a time, location and general idea of what kind of event you are organizing. They can pretty much cater to any event style, formal high tea with a cheeky twist, or a straight up raunchy hens cocktail party. When booking Topless Waiters, ensure the website you are booking through is up to date and looks fresh and appealing – the standard in which a business keeps their content/website is normally a good indicator of the standard of Topless Waiter they will be supplying you, I get resumes from gentlemen every day wishing to become Topless Waiters and only a rare one or two will ever pass our standards and our interviews (or even get replies), however I will then check our competitors and see the same gentlemen’s photo who had a terrible personality sitting in their list of waiters. Be careful!

Things to do with your Topless Waiters:

  • Body Shots
  • Massages
  • Hens Night Games Participation/Judging
  • Drinks/Food Serving
  • Photo Taking / Photo Poses For Bride
  • Stare!

Male Strippers

The ultimate bachelorette party packages Puerto Vallarta experience – a male stripper to your door! A strip show is pretty common practice in hens nights these days, a right of passage if you would. Unfortunately stripping is a very difficult art to get right, finding the perfect balance of not too arrogant, not too bulky, not too raunchy but just raunchy enough to keep the girls happy is actually very tough!

There are two ways to organize a stripper for your hens night, you can either have one come to you, or you can go to them. Having been in the industry for awhile now I can say that having a stripper come to you is always a better option – male strip clubs are usually dirty and not very pleasant, and often the show itself is brief and not very interacting (apart from the one girl who goes up on stage). Having a stripper come to you gives a far more entertaining, engaging and personal touch to the entire experience, in addition to this you can often pick your male stripper out of a variety of different strippers. This way you know you are picking someone you think is cute, as opposed to rolling the dice at a public stripping venue. John Parker’s Male Strippers sometimes stick around for awhile after the event to hang out and talk to the ladies if they don’t have any more events on – it’s a great way to grab some more free male entertainment!