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VR experience

Real Thrill And Excitement Comes From Vr Experience

Since the last few years, there have been several advancements in the field of gaming. People look for realism and gameplay. Virtual reality has opened up several new doors for the entertainment industry. This new technology helps to ease our life. There are many games and apps that help the customers get an amazing VR experience. Without leaving the comfort of your home or office, you can travel to a new world with your VR headset. This new innovation by the tech world offers a three dimensional environment that provides interactive experience to the gamers. The games are designed to offer an awesome VR experience to the gamer.

VR experience

VR experience

Latest VR games can be played on different devices with a single gamer. Latest version of such games can be played on your android or ios phones. How exciting it would be to fight against demons or experience scuba diving all within reach of a VR headset. All this is possible with VR games.

What Is The Reason For People Loving Vr Games?

There are various reasons why people have started adopting VR games. Gamers get excitement and thrill from such games. Let’s talk about the benefits of such games for players:

Immersive experience

One of the major reasons why VR games are becoming popular is that they render an immersive experience to the players. Such games not only allow the users to observe the game, but also get inside it. A 360-degree video content along with amazing sound effects and dense graphics provide an awesome VR experience.

New level of interaction

VR arcades offer a new level of interaction to the gamers. Players can modify the gaming environment as per their choice.


VR games offer an amazing content. Shooting or adventure games are gaining more popularity amongst the gamers these days.

VR experience can allow the users watch movies in a way that they are a part of it. Isn’t that amazing and exciting? VR games are surely a great mental investment that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated like never before. Whether you choose a VR game with physical experiences like climbing or jumping, or a horror game, it would be fun for you. The players face fear and thrill that cannot be experienced in real life. You can even walk into the space with a VR game and experience how other planets look like.

There is no denying that Virtual Reality has a bright future in the gaming industry. It is already a part of gaming industry with several different games being developed with this technology. It will continue to power many different genres of games in the coming years. This technology has a lot of potential for gaming, education, tourism, healthcare, and other industries also. Let’s wait to watch what VR brings in for the future generations.

Gamers have started loving VR games as they provide them with a unique and exciting experience. Such games offer an incredible experience to the players.

LevelUp Reality is a leading VR arcade in Toronto Canada helping people get an immersive and entertaining experience with VR games.

Why You Need To Travel Security Services?

Explorer Travel Security provide counter surveillance and protective surveillance services throughout the globe utilizing a small specialist team of highly experienced ex UK Government surveillance operatives with years of experience in counter-terrorism, espionage and criminal operations. We provide a range of travel risk management solutions for organizations, groups, and individuals. Our planning and implementation of numerous protective and risk management strategies enable us to offer tailored solutions to client’s requirements. We also operate with a specialist low profile executive protection and counter surveillance team.

Mark Deane – Managing Director

Mark Deane, B.A. (Hons) is a travel risk management and security specialist whose experience stems from his role working as an Operational Officer for British Intelligence, serving in a multitude of sensitive operations in counter-terrorism and espionage.

During his career, Mark has planned and managed numerous security and surveillance operations at both a government and corporate level. Within the field of risk management and security, his clients in the corporate world have included a Fortune 10 company, HNWI’s, the oil and gas industry and multinational organizations.  He is an experienced team leader and project manager who leverages years of counter-terrorism, security and travel risk management experience to deliver a range of unique services precisely adapted to meet client requirements.


A sound operational knowledge is complemented with his in-depth experience of training and instructing in a range of subjects, having designed and implemented training courses for a clientele that include special forces units, government agencies, multinational organizations, and civilians.

Mark has worked, travelled and trained in six continents of the world and visited over 45 countries, and as Managing Director of Explorer Travel Security Services (ETS) Mark brings a fresh approach to the travel risk management market. He designed the ETS Protective Pyramid system to provide clients tailored security services with a focus on low profile methodology coupled with protective intelligence, accurate security assessments, sound risk management procedure and strong customer relationship management.

Objectives are achieved through his extensive global network and close-knit workforce – all of whom he has worked with personally. Complemented by his passion for travel and adventure Mark ensures We are dedicated to the safety and security of businesses, organisations, and individuals throughout the globe.


5 Pool Remodeling Ideas to Impress Your Friends

Over a period, probably, you feel your swimming pool is not as attractive as the new ones that your friends have built or you may feel that the aesthetics of the pool have outlived its dream tenure and needs drastic pool renovations. Alternatively, you might feel that the existing pool lacks amenities and you wish to bring it up-to-date with modern accessories and facilities.

However, short of demolishing and re-building, you have several options to get your swimming pool a very new look and satisfy your dreams.


Vinyl Pools are a blend of a steel frame, rods, and wire with a spray of cement and sand. These are generally easier to build and are more popular in the US. However, these days, vinyl pools are topping the popularity charts because they are less expensive and easier to build or refurbish. You can easily make over an old vinyl pool by just adding a new liner, with a few new decks to give the grand impression of an expensive Vinyl pool. Pool remodeling, therefore, offers myriad possibilities for a healthy and attractive beautification process.


Lovely green plants add to the aesthetic value of every swimming pool, whether it is a new or remodeled one. However, take care to ensure that you always keep these plants properly trimmed and in control so that they do not drop leaves into the pools or encourage bird’s litter to defile the deck. While selecting your plants, make sure that you have a blend of palm trees, ferns and luscious flora that grow well with little water. A row of coniferous trees along your poolside will surely provide shade and privacy all around the year.

Pool House

A pool house would be a welcome addition to any remodeling plan. You would do well to plan a prefabricated shed with facilities to store your poolside accessories including bath towels, shower caps etc., and a convenient change room for your guests.

Add a Spa

You could consider designing a small spa within the existing facilities, to add glamour to your pool. Consider using the pumping equipment not only to pump hot water into the pool but also to supply hot water to your mini spa. If you follow some of the innovative books on how to recover installation and operating costs, you will stand to gain considerably.


A truly innovative plan for Calabasas pool remodeling will include a truly majestic cascading waterfall, built from rocks and boulders. You also have the wonderful option to consider ready-made DIY waterfalls or something more dramatic like a bigger waterfall with a beautiful reservoir.


Pool Remodeling Preparations

There are a Number of Considerations to keep in mind to prepare for pool remodeling.

Do Your Homework

First, and perhaps most importantly, doing your homework is critical. When people fail to follow this fundamental step, they are often disappointed at the end result. However, if you find the right company to work with, you can count on top-notch results.

Incidentally, if you’d ever like to speak with the professionals at Valley Pool Plaster, we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs. Getting quality results really depends on a few basic things.

Know Exactly What Changes You Want to Make

This will make the whole process a lot more straightforward. Whether that means sitting down with a professional to do some brainstorming or coming up with a general plan on your own, this is the best way to get started.

Once you’ve got an idea of exactly what you want doing, the next step is to figure out what it’s going to take to get there. In most major cities, there are numerous options available for pool remodeling services. As you can imagine, though, not all of them are equally dependable.

Find the Right People for the Job

You should ultimately end up working with qualified, dedicated, and focused professionals like the ones at Valley Pool Plaster.

Once you have the right people for the job, and you know what you want them to do, it’s time to let them work their magic. Using quality materials and skilled laborers, a reputable company can do anything from replacing pumps to overhauling the whole system. It is advisable to check in along the way to make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Request Referrals

Before making it this far, you may like to request referrals from previous clients. If you speak to a previous client directly, you can ask them about the areas where the company excelled, and also about the areas that they were less pleased with. Ideally, they will affirm that the company provided top-notch results and that they were astounded by the quality. In that case, you will know that you can trust them to do a great job.

Leave it to the Pros

Pool remodeling and swimming pool repairs are best left to professional companies like Valley Pool Plaster. While there may be small jobs the average homeowner can tackle on their own (depending on the type), most of these jobs require extensive equipment and experience, not to mention manpower.

Even so, it pays to be informed so you know what you are getting into when it comes to these problems. The more you know, the less likely it will be that you’ll get taken advantage of when it comes to price and time. You also should know the difference between a job that needs to be taken care of now and one that can wait.

In the final analysis, the best thing to do is find a trusted company to work with and schedule a consultation. Then determine exactly what you want to have done. From there, you can pretty much relax and let them do what they do best. However, it is important to check in from time to time and make sure things are going smoothly. If you follow this simple advice, you should be pleased with the final result.

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organic baby clothes

Best Organic Baby Clothes – Our Top May Picks

Here are some of the best organic baby clothes we have on our site.  Obviously you could say we’re biased but it’s got to be said that we have some pretty special organic baby clothing.

Organic Cotton – Butterfly Sleepsuit

Organic Cotton Butterfly Sleepsuit

How adorable is this lovely striped sleepsuit! The applique butterfly baby romper is 100% organic and is beautifully soft to the touch.The purple and white stripes set off the green and pink butterfly perfectly.  We love that it’s made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

So it’s not just great for baby but it’s good for the environment too.  The easy-on envelope neckline and poppers on the legs make nappy-changing an absolute breeze too.

Pigeon Organics Silhouette Romper – Mustard Elephant

Organic Cotton Babygrow

This romper is ideal if you’re buying before the birth and don’t know what gender baby you’re having. The colours and styling are unisex and the mustard elephant print is stunning.  I love the contrasting striped cuffs and feet too. This one is also 100% organic cotton and is soft as soft can be. Perfect for baby to sleep in but gorgeous enough to wear out and about too. It comes in four sizes from newborn to 18 months.

Kite Rainforest Dress – Organic Cotton

Kite Rain Forrest Organic Cotton Dress

This striking summery dress is just up my street.  Yes I have three daughters but hey, I’ve never been a fan of pinky pastels.  The vibrant colours are a real tropical pop and I love it. It’s nice and loose-fitting too to keep your baby or toddler cool.  Perfect for holidays and comfy to wear too. The baby dresses is made from 100% GOTS Organic Cotton and it’s machine washable at 30C. Win Win!

Kite Seahorse Set – Organic Cotton

Kite Seahorse Set

What a lovely summery set this one is! Perfect for a girl or a boy with it’s pink, blue and corn-yellow seahorse. The tunic style top is a loose-fitting organic cotton slub fabric. The seahorse applique is classy and fun as are the gorgeous bubble shorts. The shorts contain 5% elastane to give them that extra bit of stretch.  The rest is all organic cotton.

Organic Applique Baby Body – Rose Dot Hedgehog

Organic Cotton Hedgehog Baby Body

I know, I know I’ve said it before but I love the super-cute hedgehog on this short sleeve baby body. It’s made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is wonderfully soft on baby’s skin. The applique design is absolutely stunning and the rose-gold dots are very on-trend! You can safely bet that you’ll get people asking you where you bought it.

Yes there are a few other sites we could recommend but we’ll leave that till next time!



Know How To Robust Travel Risk Management Program Work?

Meeting duty of care requirements is a complex process to navigate for any organization with employees who are traveling overseas on company business. Understanding what measures one can take to manage risk to an acceptable standard remains a considerable challenge. Now, more than ever in our volatile world, the question arises: how best to meet this legal obligation?

The GEBIR Principal Identifies the Five Key Components of a Travel Risk Management (TRM) Program:

  1. Ground Truth
  2. Education
  3. Briefings
  4. In-Country Support
  5. Response


Ground Truth

It is vital to obtain a comprehensive threat overview of all international locations where travel will be conducted. Accurate risk assessments and country security risk reports will provide a more informed and balanced decision-making capability regarding operational security concerns.

Security risk reports provide the organization with a comprehensive understanding of what we refer to as “Ground Truth” – knowing the risks of the area of operations – country, region, and locale. Documents should be user-friendly, relevant and up-to-date. Situations change rapidly and timely intelligence will provide detail on current and future anticipated threats.


Provide personnel with the tools and knowledge to minimize and mitigate personal travel risk. Travel safety and situational awareness is a vital cog in the TRM machine. Risks can be significantly reduced with the sensible application of basic personal security methodology. It is often the most cost-effective and efficient method of significantly improving the safety of individuals or groups abroad. Any training should provide an auditable trail that personnel completed the necessary steps prior to departure to minimize the risk of litigation.


Prior to any travel, the individual traveling should be fully aware and conversant with the environment they will be visiting, as well as the threats and risk of those threats. To avoid the risk of litigation, it is vital that any individual’s travel goes ahead willingly and with “eyes wide open.” To ensure this, any organization should supply, or provide access to a country briefing to an individual or group prior to departure.

In-Country Support

The provision of the necessary protective and personal safety support when your travelers are in-country should involve, but not be limited to, two categories:

The biggest risk to any traveler in a foreign country is a vehicular accident. Further, most robberies, abductions, and violent opportunistic crime occur in or near a vehicle. It is therefore essential that journey management plans are prepared and rigorously enforced. Trusted and vetted suppliers of drivers and vehicles must be a priority. A reliance on taxis and ride-share services has led to multiple issues for organizations throughout the world.

Private transportation significantly alleviates risk to individuals abroad. The risks of express kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault are significantly reduced if travelers do not have to hail taxis from the street or utilize public transport.

  • Security

In some countries, the use of Executive Protection may be required to manage individual and group security. Executive protection is no longer a service for the rich and famous. The modern professional “bodyguard” acts in an enabling role, facilitating the movement of executives through the plethora of risks that exist.

  • Response

The final part of the GEBIR principal is contingency planning. If an emergency incident occurs police and national emergency medical services are often inadequate, overwhelmed, or non-existent. There must be a pre-identified and rehearsed service in place to ensure the effective and timely response to an emergency.

There are Three Components to Response:

1. Communication – The benchmark is to be able to identify the exact location of your employees and be able to effectively communicate with them within 15-20 minutes of an incident occurring.

2. Crisis Management – Being able to react immediately and effectively. This requires the design and implementation of plans and processes, to be complemented by the introduction and training of a crisis management team.

3. Emergency Evacuation or Hibernation Plans – These should be a structured and practical guide for the organization to identify and respond to executing a full or partial evacuation of personnel from operational locations, or hibernate in-situ until the situation changes.

The moral arguments for a solid TRM plan are obvious, but there is now a growing recognition both in the courts and with potential plaintiffs that breaches of duty of care occurring abroad can be heard in U.S. courts. The number of cases being presented has increased, and employment lawyers are particularly alert to the issue.

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